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Poll Recap: Members Only

Of the 506 respondents, 353 (70%) said they belong to a horse-related club, association, team, or organization. Read More

Poll Recap: Trail Hoof Wear

Of the 1,003 respondents, 402 (40%) said their horses go barefoot on trails. Read More

Readers Share Tips for Horse Blanket Repair and Maintenance

Readers share useful tips for repairing and maintaining horse blankets. Read More

Poll Recap: Eliminating Harmful Ammonia

Of the 915 respondents, 233 (25%) said they remove wet spots and use shavings or another product to control stall odors. Read More

Poll Recap: Staying Warm in Winter

Of the 760 respondents, 201 (26%) said they would never give up their winter boots. Read More

Poll Recap: Horsey New Year's Resolutions

Of the 618 respondents, 138 (22%) said they resolved to spend more time grooming and relaxing with their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Birthdays

Of the 904 respondents, 658 (73%) said they celebrate their horses' birthdays on the day the animal was born. Read More

Poll Recap: Holiday Traditions

Of the 433 respondents, 128 (30%) said they hang a stocking for their horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Breeding Plans for 2015

Of the 535 respondents, 401 (75%) said they do not plan to breed a mare in 2015. Read More

Poll Recap: Hay Soaking

Of the 755 respondents, 584 (77%) said they do not soak their horses' hay. Read More

Poll Recap: Halter Preferences

Of the 1,228 respondents, 378 (31%) said they primarily use flat nylon halters for their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Thanksgiving Horse Care

Of the 1,096 poll respondents, 748 (68%) said they stay home at Thanksgiving and care for their own horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Mud Management

Of the 600 poll respondents, 161 (27%) said they use sand in their paddocks to reduce mud. Read More

Poll Recap: What Conformation Flaws Can You Live With?

Of the 1,074 respondents, 349 (32%) said they could live with a slight club foot in their horse's conformation. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Sale Selections

Of the 738 respondents, 440 (60%) said they prefer to sell horses using online or print classifieds and flyers. Read More

Poll Recap: Feeding Arrangements

Of the 1,313 poll respondents, 727 (55%) said their horses are separated during mealtime. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Feeding Frequency

Of the 2,049 respondents, 698 (34%) said their horse receives hay twice per day. Read More

Poll Recap: Blanketing or Not

Of the 1,531 respondents, 650 (42%) said they plan on blanketing their horses only during inclement weather. Read More

Poll Recap: Selling Rescue Horses

Of the 1,183 respondents, 889 (75%) said yes, it is appropriate to sell or charge a rehoming fee for a rescued horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Prices

Of the 1,858 respondents, 823 people (44%) said they paid $1,001-$5,000 for the last horse they purchased. Read More

Poll Recap: How Much is a 'Rescue' Horse Worth?

Most respondents said referring to a horse as a 'rescue' does not make him more or less valuable than a nonrescue horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Supplement Expenses

Of the 1,045 respondents, 227 (22%) said they spend $21-$40 per month on supplements per horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Renaming Horses

Have you changed a horse's name? In a recent poll, 66% of respondents said they have renamed a horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Your Veterinarian's Horsemanship Skills

Of the 675 respondents, 519 (77%) said their veterinarian's strongest horse handling skill is being patient and calm. Read More

Poll Recap: Social Media Usage

Of the 423 respondents, 280 (66%) said they rely on Facebook the most for horse information. Read More