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Poll Recap: Bathing Horses Warm or Cold

Of 1,071 poll respondents, 489 (46%) said they didn't have access to warm water to bathe their horse. Read More

Poll Recap: Bath Time

Of the 1,198 respondents, 790 (66%) said they rinse their horse after every ride during the warm months. Read More

Poll Recap: Hauling Hay

Of the 1,112 respondents, 514 (46%) said they haul and stack their own hay. Read More

Poll Recap: 2014 Hay Costs

Of the 599 respondents, 212 people (35%) said that they will pay more than $250 per ton for hay this year. Read More

Poll Recap: Summer Horse Plans

Of the 473 respondents, 201 (42%) said they are most excited about trail riding or camping this summer. Read More

Poll Recap: Farmers' Almanac: Truth or Fiction?

Of the 294 respondents, 86% said they don't rely on the Farmers' Almanac for horse management decisions. Read More

Poll Recap: Riding Lesson Expenses

Of the 1,031 respondents, 348 (34%) said they pay $36-$55 for individual private riding lessons. Read More

Poll Recap: Hoof Care Costs

Of the 1,142 respondents, 824 (72%) said they spend $100 or less per horse when the farrier or trimmer visits. Read More

Poll Recap: Equine Leg Protection

Of the 756 respondents, more than half said their horses wear boots, wraps, or both when exercising. Read More

Poll Recap: Spring Blanket Cleaning

Of the 1,160 respondents, 471 (41%) said they wash their horse blankets in a washing machine. Read More

Poll Recap: Fly Control Methods

Of the 487 respondents, 150 (31%) said fly sprays are their favorite fly control method. Read More

Spring Cleaning, Stable Style

Here are some spring-cleaning tasks and tips from our Facebook fans. Read More

Poll Recap: Longeing Lessons

Of the 797 respondents, 329 (41%) said longeing is a regular part of their horses' fitness program. Read More

Poll Recap: Identification Methods

Readers share insights on the various identification methods they use to identify their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Spring Conditioning

Of the 554 respondents, 231 individuals (42%) said they have started their horses' spring conditioning. Read More

Poll Recap: Weather Emergency Plans

Of the 388 respondents, 32% said they plan for "other" weather-related emergencies, including wildfires. Read More

Poll Recap: Nutrition Knowledge

Of the 1,127 respondents, 225 (20%) indicated they were interesting in learning more about supplements. Read More

Poll Recap: Mud Woes

Of the 758 respondents, 233 (31%) said slick footing caused by mud is their biggest concern. Read More

Poll Recap: Mind Your Manners

Of the 896 voters, 641 (72%) said their horses are well-behaved for the farrier. Read More

Poll Recap: Gastric Ulcers

Of the 608 respondents, 205 (34%) indicated they've had a horse diagnosed with gastric ulcers. Read More

Poll Recap: Lush Spring Pastures

Of the 991 respondents, 26% said they'd reduce their horses' turnout time to reduce spring pasture intake. Read More

Poll Recap: Savvy Seniors

Of the 1,638 respondents, 24% said their oldest horse is 26 to 30 years old. Read More

Poll Recap: Hind-Limb Conformation Concerns

Of the 652 respondents, 236 (36%) said cow hocks are the least-worrisome hind-limb conformation fault. Read More

Poll Recap: Parasite Control Strategies

Of the 764 respondents, 356 (47%) said they use rotational deworming as their parasite control method. Read More

Poll Recap: Saddle Fit

Just over half of the respondents in this week's poll said they have had a saddle professionally fitted. Read More