Jennifer Whittle, Web Producer

Jennifer Whittle, Web Producer, is a lifelong horse owner who competes with her Appaloosas in Western performance events. She is a University of Kentucky graduate and holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Communications and Leadership Development, and master's degree in Career, Technical, and Leadership Education. She currently lives on a small farm in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Articles by Jennifer Whittle

Poll Recap: Enriching Your Horse's Environment

Of the 371 respondents, 172 (46%) said they provided their horses with enrichment items such as toys. Read More

Poll Recap: Paying for Horse Health Care

Of the 743 respondents, 324 (44%) use cash from their savings or emergency funds to pay for their horses' health care. Read More

Poll Recap: Fall Vaccine Boosters

Of the 412 respondents, 193 (47%) said their horses received boosters for equine herpesvirus and influenza this fall. Read More

Poll Recap: Weighty Feed Options

Of the 758 respondents, only 106 (14%) said they weigh everything their horse gets to eat. Read More

Poll Recap: To Clip or Not To Clip This Winter?

Of the 1,114 respondents, 811 (73%) said they do not body clip their horses during winter. Read More

Poll Recap: Managing Working Horses

Of the 258 respondents, 49 (19%) said they manage horses in a lesson program, dude string, or riding program. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Bedding Choices

Of the 1,087 respondents, 559 (51%) said they use wood shavings or chips to bed their horses' stalls. Read More

Poll Recap: Boarding and Riding Horses During Winter

Of the 1,300 respondents, 558 people (43%) said they keep their horse at home, where they do not have an indoor arena. Read More

Poll Recap: Fall Mud-Management Projects

Of the 545 respondents, 175 (32%) said they will add gravel and/or sand for high-traffic areas on their farm this fall. Read More

Poll Recap: Using Social Media for Horse Information

Of the 613 respondents, 215 (35%) said they use Facebook to share or gather horse-related information. Read More

Poll Recap: Lepto-what?

Of the 458 respondents, 158 (34%) said they do not know what leptospirosis is. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Treats: Yay or Neigh?

Of the 1,452 respondents 579 (40%) said they occasionally treat their horse to apples or carrots. Read More

Poll Recap: Horses Learning From Each Other

The majority of respondents said they've used more experienced horses to help inexperienced ones through new situations. Read More

Poll Recap: Laminitis Experience

Of the 585 respondents, 372 (64%) said they have owned or managed a horse with laminitis. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Water Options

Of the 1,413 respondents, 936 (66%) said their horses get water from a trough or bucket that they fill manually. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Camping Options

Of the 669 respondents, 415 (62%) said they would choose to take a living-quarters trailer when camping with horses. Read More

Poll Recap: West Nile Virus Protection

Of the 832 respondents, 713 (86%) said their horses are up-to-date on their West Nile virus vaccines. Read More

Poll Recap: If You Won the Lottery: Equine Edition

Of the 1,296 respondents, 571 (44%) said they would build their dream barn with lottery winnings. Read More

Poll Recap: Farm and Liability Insurance

Of the 325 respondents, 187 (58%) said they have a farm policy or extra liability insurance. Read More

Poll Recap: Trailer Loading Competency

Of the 901 respondents, 703 (78%) said they are confident their horse would load in a trailer on the first try. Read More

Poll Recap: Summer Arena Dust Control

Of the 299 respondents, 196 (66%) said they use a sprinkler or water to help control arena dust. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Housing

Of the 974 respondents, 634 said their horses live at home with them, while 259 said they board their animals. Read More

Poll Recap: Is Your Horse Insured?

Of the 448 respondents, only 87 (19%) said they currently have medical or mortality insurance on their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Stocking Up on Hay

Of the 1,102 respondents, 397 (36%) said they purchase hay once a year for their horses. Read More

Poll Recap: Horse Training Help

Of the 685 respondents, 277 (40%) said they ask a trainer, riding instructor, or coach for help with training issues. Read More