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Navajo Student Helps Launch CSU Vet Program Home Community

Patrick Succo is teaching Navajo high-schoolers to determine correct vaccine dosage for horses and more. Read More

Don't Ignore Your Horse's Hooves this Winter and Spring

Don't put your horse at risk for developing problems such as thrush and abscesses. Here's how to prevent these issues. Read More

CSU Equine Surgeons Develop Lifelike Surgical Models

The products allow students to practice and refine surgical skills on realistic models that even ooze "blood." Read More

Five Tips for Avoiding Infection while Traveling with Horses

Colorado State veterinarians remind riders to take steps to prevent the spread of equine infectious disease. Read More

2012 CSU Equine Reproduction Lectures Scheduled

Get in-depth education and hands-on experience in the reproductive management of stallions, mares, and foals.
Read More

CSU Equine Reproduction Lab to Begin Rebuilding in 2012

Plans to rebuild the laboratory are in final design stages and construction should begin next summer. Read More

Spike in Pigeon Fever Cases Reported in Colorado

Equine owners should be extra vigilant for signs of pigeon fever in their horses, according to Colorado State University Read More

Foal Rejection and Maternal Behavior

Foal rejection is a heartbreaking twist to an otherwise normal foaling and unless the mare has rejected a foal before, there is no way to predict if and when it will happen. Read More

Equine Cancer, Fertility Research Receives Industry Support

Over the last year, two leading forces in the international world of Thoroughbred racing and equine health have donated a total of $1.14 million to the laboratory led by Colorado State University Professor Gordon Woods, DVM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACT, Read More

Know the Stages of Mare Labor

As foaling season approaches, horse owners who are expecting foals this year should know how to recognize the signs of labor in a foaling mare. The normal gestation length for a mare can range from 320 to 360 days, with the average being around Read More

Working Equids in Ethiopia Receive Donated Vaccines

A gift of vaccines to help prevent the suffering--and even death--of thousands of working horses and donkeys has arrived in Ethiopia, arranged as a gift by a Colorado State University veterinarian. The vaccines, donated by Fort Dodge Animal Read More

Prepare Now for January Foaling

Foals start arriving in January, so having all of the necessary equipment organized and ready to go is a project best completed in December. There are basic supplies that are important to have on hand for foaling mares. These should be in a kit or Read More

Colorado State Offers Foaling Short Course

A hands-on short course in foaling out mares is being offered to owners and breeders by Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Laboratory, Jan. 16 and 17, 2009.

Unlike most "classroom-only" courses, this short course will combine Read More

See the Light: Advancing the Breeding Season for Early Foals

Horse breeders face a dilemma every year as the breeding season nears. Should they breed for early foals or breed their mares to foal out in the spring and summer? The fact that all foals in the northern hemisphere share the same Read More