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Manure Composting for Waste Management

More than one horse in a stalled situation can create a heap of unwanted manure. But owners can turn that daily chore of mucking stalls into a pile of "green" compost material, said a Texas AgriLife Extension Service specialist.

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Tips to Protect Horses, Livestock from Wildfire

Horse ownerscan take precautions to protect their animals from injury or death by fire. Read More

After the Hurricane: Flooding, Mosquitoes, and Equine Disease

Recent flooding, including flooding from storm surge and rains due to Hurricane Ike, likely will lead to significantly increased mosquito activity in many parts of Texas.

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Hurricane Livestock Rescue Effort Continues

Since the day after 20-foot storm surges sent water destroying nearly all of the fences throughout the Chambers and Jefferson counties of Texas, forcing some 20,000 livestock to make a desperate run for high ground, the Texas AgriLife Extension Read More

Tips on Caring for Livestock After Hurricanes

Immediate danger to livestock from hurricanes comes from drowning due to storm surges and accumulated rainfall. Injury can occur from flying debris or electric shock from downed power lines. But the risk of injury doesn't end when the Read More

Feed, Hay Needed for 20,000 Animals Displaced by Hurricane

An estimated 20,000 head of displaced cattle and horses in both the Chambers and Jefferson counties of Texas are in immediate need of hay and fresh water resulting from Hurricane Ike's storm surges in southeast Texas, livestock officials said Read More

Hurricane Recovery: Protocol Established for Livestock Carcass Disposal

Texas livestock owners who lost animals during Hurricane Ike need to make sure they follow protocol when disposing of carcasses, said two Texas AgriLife Extension Service engineers and other state officials.

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