Marsha Hayes

Marsha Hayes has been covering endurance, trail, and other equine topics since 2005. She believes every horse has a story.

Articles by Marsha Hayes

Funny Cide Gets the Last Laugh

This July 4th marks the one-year anniversary of Kentucky Derby winner Funny Cide's last race. The champion didn't rest on his laurels, though: just 48 hours after crossing the finish line for the last time, Funny Cide found himself employed in Read More

Dirty Jobs for Horses: Charlie Brown, Blood Donor and Teacher

Veterinary teaching hospitals save horses' lives and train future veterinarians. But along with the human faculty, another type of staff member has an integral role in training new vets to care for your horse.

"Our teaching horses are Read More

Dirty Jobs for Horses: Patrol Horse Meets Scantily Clad Cyclists

Standing 18 hands tall, the 6-year-old Thoroughbred/Percheron cross, Cody, escorted a group of bicyclists displaying, among other things, their right to protest in the front of the White House.

The cyclists were part of the third annual Read More

Floods Cause Cancellation of Elmer Bandit's Scheduled Ride

Elmer Bandit, the 37-year-old Half-Arabian gelding closing in on a lifetime competitive trail mileage record, is under the weather. No, he's not sick--his competitive trail career is Read More

37-Year-Old Competitive Trail Horse Completes Another Ride

Elmer Bandit, a 37-year-old Half-Arabian gelding, completed the Indian Territory North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) ride over Memorial Day weekend, finishing in sixth place and bringing his lifetime mileage total to 20,360.

The Read More

Earplugs for Equines: Can You Hear Me Now?

"If you are going to submit your horse to repetitive loud noises, earplugs are a good idea," said Lucy Hirsch, DVM, of Jackson Animal Clinic, in Platte City, Mo. The bonus? Not only can they protect the horse's ears, they can help the horse perform m Read More

37-Year-Old Horse Completes First Competitive Ride of the 2008 Season

Nineteen days after turning 37 years old, Half-Arabian Elmer Bandit and owner/breeder Mary Anna Wood crossed the timing line on Sunday to complete his first Open Competitive Trail Ride (CTR) of 2008. Less than two hours later he vetted out sound an Read More

37-Year-Old Horse Closing in on Trail Mileage Record

Pushing the envelope of equine athletic prowess, 37-year-old half-Arabian Elmer Bandit is gearing up to start yet another competitive trail ride season.

In 2007 Elmer's certified lifetime competitive miles stood at 20,240, nearing the Read More