Tim Brockhoff

Tim Brockhoff was Staff Writer of The Horse:Your Guide to Equine Health Care from 1995 to 1999. His degree is in Agricultural Communications from the University of Kentucky, and his equine experience is with American Saddlebreds.

Articles by Tim Brockhoff

CEM Epidemiological Survey and Action (California)

The contagious equine metritis (CEM)-affected jack in California is approximately 11 years old and has been owned by the same individual for 10 years since purchased at a local mule event. From purchase until Read More

Kentucky CEM Update

As of Feb. 18, three more horses had tested positive for a "CEM-like" organism in Kentucky. A Paint stallion and two pregnant mares were cultured positive for the organism on the original nurse mare farm in Kentucky where the organism that cause Read More

USDA Ends Seven-Day Quarantine For Horses From Mexico

The USDA is removing the requirement that horses from Mexico be quarantined for seven days in vector-proof quarantine facilities before being imported into the United States.

Horses importe Read More

CEM: Breeding Farm Precautions

The problem of contagious equine metritis (CEM) has not gone away. In fact, it has become more confusing as the weeks have progressed since a "CEM-like organism" was found in a Mammoth donkey jack in California in December 1997. In a separate an Read More

Phenylbutazone Use In Europe

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has been assured by the British Government that phenylbutazone can continue to be used. France has followed BEVA's lead and has agreed that sport horses can be classified as Read More

Fort Dodge Animal Health Introduces First Intranasal Vaccine For Strangles

Until recently, vaccinating for strangles (Streptococcus equi) was a painful procedure for both horses and their owners. Conventional intramuscular vaccination often caused lameness and inflammation that could Read More

American Endurance Ride Conference Annual Convention

The American Endurance Ride Conference Annual Convention accompanied by a trade show was held in Lexington, Ky., January 22-24. Filled with seminars, the convention was an opportunity for both new and experienced endurance riders to gain and Read More

Fact Finders To Assess BLM Wild Horse And Burro Program

Pat Shae, Director of the Bureau of Land Management, announced he has asked three independent fact finders to analyze specific issues related to the BLM's wild horse and burro program. The fact finders include an accountant, a veterinarian, and Read More

Farnam Companies And Zimecterin Donate Plastic Horse To 'Equine Evac'

Farnam Companies Inc. and Zimecterin (ivermectin) Advanced Technology Dewormer recently donated a life-sized plastic horse, retail value of $1,200, to Santa Barbara Equine Assistance and Evacuation, Equine Evac, a volunteer emergency equine Read More

The Equine Research Centre's Day At The Races at Woodbine

This year's annual "Day at the Races" for the Equine Research Centre was the most successful since the fund raiser began in 1993. "The credit for its snowballing success is due to Sue Burns, the chair of our fundraising committee," said Andrew Read More

The First Annual Frank Milne Lecture Awarded

The Frank Milne Lecture at this year's American Association of Equine Practitioners' convention was a first. It was designed to present what amounted to an A-to-Z informational session on a given subject. Chosen for this year was the lower airwa Read More

Nutrition Books To Aid Veterinarians In Advising Clients

The Veterinarian's Practical Reference to Equine Nutrition, produced for the American Association of Equine Practitioners by Purina Mills, Inc., is a complete text providing information on how to feed horses in a number of lifestyle Read More

Drs. Lavin And Robbins Honored

During the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Reception held at the Annual AAEP meeting in Phoenix in December, Dean Alan M. Kelly honored two outstanding alumni, A. Gary Lavin, VMD, and Jack Robbins, VMD, and Read More

Streptococcus equi In California

According to the California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System, Streptococcus equi upper respiratory tract infection and lymphadenopathy was diagnosed in two adult Quarter Horses housed in the mountains of California. One of the two Read More

Farnam Acquires Cohesive Technologies And Licensing From Kimberly-Clark

Farnam Companies, Inc., announced in December that it is acquiring and licensing certain Kimberly-Clark technologies for the manufacture of cohesive protective bandages for animal health applications. Included in the Read More

1998 Canadian Equestrian Federation Convention

This year's Canadian Equestrian Federation Convention to be held January 21-26 in Ottawa, ON, Canada, will feature guest speakers Equine biomechanics expert Dr. Hilary Clayton, an equine biomechanics expert, and Read More

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day:America's First Four-Star Event

For the first time, America will host a Four Star Three-Day Event (CCI****) this spring. The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, organized by Equestrian Events, Inc. of Lexington, Kentucky, will be held at the Kentucky Read More

Farmer Cooperatives Announce Plans To Merge

The board of directors of Southern States Cooperative and Michigan Livestock Exchange have approved plans to merge their farmer-owned cooperatives, subject to a vote by the MLE membership. Final approval would combine the livestock marketing Read More

National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS)

All areas of the equine industry answered the USDA's National Animal Health Monitoring System's (NAHMS) questions on what the industry needs the most. Over the past three years NAHMS has been conducting focus groups, individual interviews, and Read More

USAHA Infectious Diseases Committee Report On EIA

The United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) Committee of Infectious Diseases of Horses was the first introduction of the new draft uniform methods and rules for equine infectious anemia (EIA). Tim Cordes, DVM, Senior Staff Veterinarian, Read More

VS Update 12/19/97

The good news continues for the second week of December concerning vesicular stomatitis. The USDA expects that by mid-January the last premises on which VS appeared will be released from quarantine. For a complete map of states with positive cases Read More

AQHA Receives AAEP Equine Welfare Award

The American Quarter Horse Association was the recipient of the American Association of Equine Practitioner's 1997 Equine Welfare Award which was presented December 9 at the AAEP's annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

AQHA was Read More

3M Partners With AAEP

The 3M Company Animal Care Products of St. Paul, Minn., has joined the growing list of top companies recognized by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) as Educational Partners. "3M has been a long-time exhibitor at the annual Read More

Australian Performance Laboratory Moves

The University of Sydney's Equine Performance Laboratory has been relocated and upgraded to a new facility at the Rural Veterinary Centre in Camden, New South Wales. The new laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to Read More

Commercial Transportation Of Equine For Slaughter Funding Finalized

The funding of $400,000 for the Secretary of Agriculture to regulate the commercial transportation of equine to slaughter facilities has been included in the 1998 Fiscal Year Agriculture Appropriations Bill. Read More