Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc

Stacey Oke, DVM, MSC, is a freelance medical writer based out of Canada. Her areas of interest are nutrition, supplements and osteoarthritis, and she contributes to scientific journals, magazines, and tabloid publications. When not writing, Stacey whiles away her days with her husband and two children.

Articles by Stacey Oke

The Science Behind Rehab Therapy

In the right hands, these physical therapy methods can help rehabilitate injured horses. Read More

Joint Infection Risk and Other 2011 Sports Medicine Studies

One study evaluated the effects of needle size and clipping hair on debris found in joints after injection. Read More

Pay Homage to War Horses This Veteran's Day

Like many of our own ancestors, horses had no choice when they were called upon to serve in the World Wars. Read More

Neck, Back Mobilization Help Treat Equine Back Pain

Research has shown that performing carrot stretches can strengthen the muscles that stabilize a horse's back. Read More

Leg Weights Help Rehabilitate Hind Limb Gait Issues

Bracelets and leg weights strengthen and activate certain muscles to help improve hind end gait abnormalities. Read More

Researchers Use Models to Learn Why Equine Bodies Break

Using computational modeling, researchers can examine "what if" scenarios related to equine injuries. Read More

The Horse as a Model for Human Research

Equine disease research results could be used to investigate similar health conditions in humans. Read More

Breeding the Newly Retired or Competition Stallion

Owners can take several steps to ensure a successful transition from athletic to breeding performance. Read More

Scientist: Score Equine Pain with 'Research Pain Models'

Reliable equine pain models are required for testing the effectiveness of new or existing pain-killing drugs. Read More

Equine Physical Therapy and Electrical Stimulators

Sheila Schils, PhD, discusses electrotherapy's place in physical therapy and the different devices available. Read More

Nutraceuticals to Enhance Stallion Fertility?

Research has shown that some dietary changes have a beneficial effect on semen quality and stallion fertility. Read More

Green-Lipped Mussel Product Beneficial for Horses with OA

A green-lipped mussel-derived product could be useful for combating some signs of osteoarthritis in horses. Read More

Methodologies for Assessing Horses' Quality of Life Needed

Objective methods to help veterinarians address horses' quality of life have yet to be developed. Read More

Mosquito-Killing Laser to Prevent Equine Infectious Disease?

A new product--the mosquito laser--could help protect horses from infectious mosquito-borne diseases. Read More

The Science Behind Acupuncture

Exploring the evidence regarding the use of acupuncture in equine medicine. Read More

Equine Alternative Medicine Gaining Steam in Vet Schools

Alternative medicine coursework in equine veterinary education has increased about 30% in the past decade. Read More

Study: Permanently Avoiding Colic Impossible in Some Horses

Researchers discuss the first case in which surgery to permanently prevent a renosplenic entrapment failed. Read More

Risk Factors for Elimination During Endurance Rides Examined

Researchers examined which factors--such as lameness--prompt endurance horses' elimination from competition. Read More

Study: Pentoxifylline's Effect on Semen Quantity and Quality

Equine semen quality and quantity were not significantly improved with pentoxifylline administration. Read More

Study: Improved Owner Education Needed for Older Horse Care

Some important medical conditions are being overlooked by some owners and caretakers of geriatric horses. Read More

New Method for Collecting Equine Cerebrospinal Fluid Samples

Researchers determined a CSF tap can be performed on the horse's upper neck using ultrasound guidance. Read More

New Approach for Treating Horses with OCD Lesions

Cornell University researchers are examining the use of degradable pins for treating OCD lesions in horses. Read More

'Map' Airborne Particles in Barns to Minimize Airway Disease

Mapping airborne particles in horse barns could help minimize the risk and/or prevalence of airway disease. Read More

Nanoparticles to Diagnose, Treat Equine Medical Conditions?

Researchers evaluate the possibility of using nanoparticles to diagnose and treat some ailments. Read More

Myostatin Gene in Thoroughbreds: Further Research Completed

Researchers are working to understand the link between the myostatin gene and Thoroughbreds' racing potential. Read More