Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA

Christa Lesté-Lasserre is a freelance writer based in France. A native of Dallas, Texas, Lesté-Lasserre grew up riding Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and Shetland Ponies. She holds a master’s degree in English, specializing in creative writing, from the University of Mississippi in Oxford and earned a bachelor's in journalism and creative writing with a minor in sciences from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She currently keeps her two Trakehners at home near Paris. Follow Lesté-Lasserre on Twitter @christalestelas.

Articles by Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Heparin Might Prevent Laminitis after Colic Surgery

Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) is proving highly effective in preventing laminitis and reducing the severity of laminitis following colic surgery, according to Belgian researchers.

Prior to the study period, more than 10% of colic Read More

Equine Heat Tolerance Parameters Examined in Study

Brazilian researchers are working towards understanding heat tolerance in horses. Read More

Paralyzed Foal Recovering after Surgery, Therapy

A once-paralyzed foal is now up and running about with the help of an equine "walker" following a groundbreaking surgery to remove a cyst from the spinal cord, according to the treating veterinarians in Belgium.

The Boulonnais draft horse Read More

Horses Read Human Body Cues, Researchers Say

Do you ever feel like your horse might be watching your every move? He very well might be, according to a new behavior study by British scientists. Their research indicates that horses are highly sensitive to the attention we attribute to them, Read More

Saddle Pad Research Shows Variable Changes in Rider Pressure

Saddle pads might help reduce painful pressure on a horse's back caused by ill-fitting saddles, but the ideal pad will vary from horse to horse and from saddle to saddle, according to a new study by Austrian researchers.

Optimum pressure Read More

Two Horses Killed by Honeybee Attack in France

Two horses in France died from complications following a rare, but ferocious, attack by domestic honeybees. Read More

Horse Dies in Decomposing Seaweed; Toxic Gas Blamed

A horse died and its owner fell unconscious within seconds of falling into decomposing green seaweed along the northern coast of Brittany, France, last week, according to several sources.

Vincent Petit, DVM, PhD, said he was hand-leading Read More

Deadly Neurologic Equine Herpesvirus-1 Outbreak in France

Four horses have been euthanized and a fifth horse is recumbent following an outbreak of equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) in a boarding stable in northern France, according to the treating veterinarian. Quarantine has been established and will Read More

Equine Respiratory Disease Diagnosis Aided by Fluid Evaluation

Respiratory disease in horses can be accurately assessed through laboratory evaluation of respiratory fluids, according to a new review by French and Belgian researchers.

When combined with clinical examinations, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL Read More

Grazing Horses in Moderately Polluted Areas

Horses might serve as good management tools for pastures moderately polluted by trace elements, according to Spanish researchers. And provided the animals receive adequate, systematic monitoring through biological sampling, they can be kept on Read More

Equine Jaw Fracture Repair Aided by New Technology

Advances in screw and plate technology are leading to improved clinical and aesthetic results in the treatment of even the most complicated jaw fractures, according to Swiss researchers.

By using the new locking compression plate (LCP) Read More

Surface Safety, Step By Step

What type of impact do various terrains actually have on the health of a horse's hooves and legs? French researchers are using a highly sensitive 3-D dynamometric shoe and other instruments to give unprecedented insight into the biomechanical Read More

Ingested Wires Cause Colic, Adhesions

When ingested, small wires can wreak havoc in the equine digestive system. They might even cause different segments of the tract to fuse together, leading to painful and usually fatal consequences, according to South African and American Read More

Australia Bushfires: Groups See to Horse Health, Care

As uncontrolled bushfires continue to sweep through the Australian state of Victoria, horse health and rescue aid associations are working round the clock to keep up with the expanding need for emergency equine care.

The fires have Read More

Research Sheds Light on Equine Long-Term Memory

Remember back when that umbrella popped open and spooked your horse? That might have been five or even 10 years ago, but new research into equine long-term memory (LTM) shows that your horse probably remembers those events just as well as you do Read More

Heart Infections More Common Among Young Horses

Heart disease isn't just for the aging or overworked horse. Read More

Sand Colic Review Finds Correction Caveats

Sand's heavy, abrasive nature makes it worth specific investigation when it comes to impaction in the equine intestine, according to a group of Israeli researchers who conducted a 12-year review of horses undergoing surgery to relieve Read More

Ataxia in a Young Horse: A Matter of Time and Luck

When we got a call from our boarding stable, we weren't expecting to hear the word "ataxia." Read More

Tetanus Death Review Finds Correlation to Age, Vaccination Status

Young horses are more susceptible to the dangers of tetanus than their older counterparts and are at a greater risk of death due to the disease, according to recent study carried out by Belgian researchers at the University of Liege.

Their Read More

Vulture Attacks on Horses Reported in the Pyrenees

Allegedly lacking an adequate supply of carcasses, vultures in the Pyrenees mountains of France and Spain have been blamed for attacks on newborn foals and other livestock, according to several French news sources, including Read More

Castration Technique Could Reduce Complications

A new sterilization technique that leaves a stallion's testicles in place but nonfunctioning might provide a safe, simple, and reliable alternative to traditional castration methods, according to Iranian researchers.

In the Read More

Equine Color Vision Research: Seeing Things Differently

If you have a horse of a different color, chances are your horse knows it--although he might not be able to say if he's red or green.

New physiological and behavioral research by various teams across the globe has added weight to the Read More

Keep Expo Horses Healthy

Although the stress of exposition environments might be unavoidable, according to several exposition professionals, its effects on horses can be reduced through careful selection of the horses that will be participating and management at the event. Read More

Market for Mare Milk Gives Rise to Equine Dairy Industry

Nearly a dozen velvety black Ariègeois broodmares and an approved stallion roam and graze freely across a 120-acre pasture in the French Massif Central hills. These horses are the foundation of Nathalie and Xavier Niaux's Domaine de Merens de Read More

Campaigns Work to Keep Endangered Draft Breeds Viable

Suffering dramatic drops in numbers of registered animals, several European draft horse breed societies are coming up with targeted promotional campaigns in order to keep their breeds alive.

In England, the critically endangered Suffolk is Read More