Fairfield Bain, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVP

Fairfield T. Bain, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVP, specializes in internal medicine and pathology. He is an equine technical services veterinarian at Merck Animal Health.

Articles by Fairfield Bain

Collecting Colostrum

How can you collect colostrum and save it for future use, and how long can you keep it? A veterinarian weighs in. Read More

Older Horses Part 6: The Final Decision

There can be many factors that lead to the decision for euthanasia--whether it's "just time" or immediacy. Read More

What is a Specialist?

Your primary care veterinarian calls in a specialist for your sick horse; you didn't know there were veterinary specialists. You are familiar with the specialty system in human medicine. Most of us have been to an ophthalmologist, some to an Read More

Oxygen Therapy for Horses

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves treating an injured or sick horse in a pressurized oxygen chamber. Read More

Equine Lymphoma Cancer

Is equine lymphoma cancer hereditary? I had to euthanize my 5-year-old Quarter Horse recently because he had this. Read More

The View From The NICU

At the end of April in Kentucky, we suddenly started seeing a large number of foals with an unusual combination of signs admitted to the Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Most were slightly premature--maybe a Read More

Equine Skin Disease

Equine skin diseases may be due to fungal agents (dermatophytes or ringworm), bacterial infections (dermatophilus or "rain scald"), or immune-mediated disorders (pemphigus foliaceous). Nodular skin diseases Read More

Respiratory Disease In Foals

What are the best things to do to prevent pneumonia and other problems from happening in the first place? Read More