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UK Equine Influenza Study Receives Funding from Zoetis

Should you use a treat-now or a wait-and-see approach with influenza? The study will evaluate this question. Read More

How Many Horses Can Your Farm Hold?

Knowing the production potential and limitations of your farm's soil is key to reducing horse feeding costs. Read More

Tall Fescue Testing: Understanding the Numbers

Here are some things to remember when testing horse pastures to evaluate fescue toxicity risk. Read More

Study: Antibiotics in Extenders can Prevent CEM Transmission

Researchers tested if antibiotics in semen extender could inhibit the growth of CEM's causative bacteria. Read More

Testing Available for Dwarfism Gene in Miniature Horses

The tests can identify for four aggrecan gene mutations associated with dwarfism in Miniature Horses. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: John E. Eberth

Eberth's research focused on the genetics of dwarfism in the Miniature Horse. Read More

Spring Pasture Management Do's and Don'ts

Follow these guidelines to help ensure your pasture management efforts are both beneficial and economical. Read More

Gluck Foundation Releases Fifth Research Report

The report focuses on research accomplishments and scientific publications during the 2013 calendar year. Read More

First UK Equine Research Crowdfunding Project Raises $6,000

The crowdfunding project is possibly the first such effort in the veterinary science field. Read More

Graham Motion and Buck Davidson Team Up for UK Lecture

H. Graham Motion and Bruce "Buck" Davidson Jr. will speak April 21 at 6 p.m. Read More

Leader in Residence Event Connects Horses and Education

Debbie Anderson helps connect horses with kids, adults, and veterans via equine-assisted learning. Read More

UKVDL Seeing Increased Lawsonia Submissions

The UKVDL is seeing a significant increase in L. intracellularis cases as compared to recent years. Read More

New Statistical Model to Evaluate Dewormer Efficacy

Researchers have defined a new advanced statistical model to evaluate anthelmintic dewormer efficacy. Read More

Weed of the Month: Poison Hemlock

Although poison hemlock is extremely poisonous, horses rarely eat this plant because of its low palatability. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Allen Page

Page has mainly studied L. intracellularis, a bacterium causing a disease primarily in young horses. Read More

Annual Career Fair Unites College Students, Equine Industry

The sixth annual UK Equine Career and Opportunity Fair will take place March 4 in Lexington. Read More

Hay: To Soak or Not to Soak?

Find out if soaking your horse's hay might be a good option, or whether unsoaked hay is the way to go. Read More

Fescue Toxicosis in Nonpregnant Horses

Endophyte-infected fescue appears to cause reduced blood flow to mares' reproductive organs. Read More

UKAg Using Horses to Teach Emotional Intelligence

In March, researchers will launch a second study on the effectiveness of Equine Guided Leadership Education. Read More

Weather's Impact on Pasture Weeds: What to Expect in 2014

Find out how weather impacts weeds, and what weeds can you expect in pastures in 2014. Read More

UK Forage Bowl Team Wins National Title

The UK Forage Bowl team took the top spot at the National Forage Bowl. Read More

UK Seminar Series Kicks Off Jan. 30

On Jan. 30, two speakers will discuss inflammatory airway disease. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Rafaela De Negri

De Negri's research focused on infections in horses caused by S. equi and S. zooepidemicus. Read More

Horse Management Tips for Cold Temperatures

Bitter cold temperatures are sweeping the nation. Here are some tips for managing horses during cold weather. Read More

L. intracellularis Infections in Foals on the Rise

Researchers are observing an increasing trend of positive cases submitted in 2013 as compared to recent years. Read More