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The Grass Guide: Bermudagrass

This grass has average nutrient quality, but its persistence and high forage yields makes it ideal for horse pastures. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Morgan Pyles

Pyles is studying the effects of the maternal diet on the colonization of intestinal bacteria in the foal. Read More

Phosphorus in My Horse's Diet: What is it Good For?

In a nutshell, phosphorus is an essential nutrient that horses cannot live without. Here's what you should know. Read More

An Equine New Year's Resolution: Better Pasture Management

Focusing efforts on pasture management could have positive impacts on our horses, our wallets, and the environment. Read More

Understanding Round and Square Bale Hay for Horses, Part 2

Here, we'll take a look at small square bales--the most common form of hay for horses. Read More

UK Extension Agents Host 9th Annual Pastures Please!!

Lecture topics will include the nutritional value of pasture, the economics of grazing versus haying, and more. Read More

The Effects of Climate Change on Soil Microbes

Researchers examined how microbes reacted to warmer temperatures and increased precipitation during the growing season. Read More

Horohov Featured Guest During "UK at the Half"

Horohov spoke about his research interests past and present and the goals for the future of the Gluck Center. Read More

Crowdfunding Studies Instrumental in Securing USDA Grant

The equine parasite studies helped secure a $2.1 million, five-year, multiple species grant. Read More

Kentucky Ag Economy Slumps in 2015

Still, the equine market held the gains it made the last few years, with Thoroughbred sale stats improving slightly. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Christine Latham

Latham is researching amino acid supplementation's effects on whole body and muscle protein synthesis in aged horses. Read More

Understanding Round and Square Bale Hay for Horses, Part 1

In this two-part series, we'll explore the two bale types and how to best utilize each. Here we'll look at round bales. Read More

UK's READ Club Focuses on Equine Research

The club is designed to provide undergrads with a way to interact with researchers and learn about current research. Read More

UK Ag Equine Programs Unveils New Website

The updated website launch coincides with UK Ag Equine Programs' 10th anniversary. Read More

Two UK Venture Studio Bootcamp Teams Earn Top Awards

Two teams with an equine focus recently earned top awards during a local contest for startup pitches. Read More

The Grass Guide: Smooth Bromegrass

Smooth bromegrass is a common pasture and hay grass in the northern United States and Canada. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: ChanHee Mok

Mok's research suggests that threonine might not be a limiting amino acid in mature horses fed a typical diet. Read More

UK, Lloyd's of London Partnership Continues

The partnership supports Lloyd's Equine Disease Quarterly, an equine health publication produced by UK. Read More

The Grass Guide: Kentucky Bluegrass

This forage is well-adapted to the cool, humid growing conditions of Kentucky and much of the northern United States. Read More

UKAg's Barrett Fills Unique Role as EPA Liaison

Michael Barrett, MS, PhD, is the Weed Science Society of America's liaison to the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs. Read More

Broodmare Nutrition: Preparing for Fall and Winter

Mares in good body condition have a reservoir of stored fat that can be used during cold winter weather. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Tayler L. Hansen

Hansen studied the influence of forage chemical composition on its digestibility and retention in the digestive tract. Read More

How Sweet is Your Sweet Feed?

Researchers found that horses' sugar intake from texturized and pelleted products was relatively similar. Read More

Saddle Up Safely Releases Booklet on Returning to Riding

The booklet covers preparing for an injury, returning to riding after a long recovery, concussion assessment, and more. Read More

2016 UK Equine Showcase, Breeders' Short Course Scheduled

Lecture topics will include mare, stallion, and foal care; navicular syndrome; the digestive tract; and more. Read More