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UK Strongly Represented at the ESS Symposium

The symposium featured research on equine nutrition, exercise physiology, reproduction, management, and more. Read More

Advanced Grazing School to Focus on Warm-Season Annuals

The topics on the agenda are related to pasture renovation and establishment and summer and fall grazing options. Read More

Watch for Potomac Horse Fever

Staff at the UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has seen a recent trend in positive results for Potomac horse fever. Read More

UK Ag Regulatory Services Plays an Important Role

Learn how the Division of Regulatory Services aids those in Kentucky's agricultural industries. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Wenying Zhu

Zhu's research focused on evaluating intra-articular glucocorticoid therapies for equine osteoarthritis. Read More

Using Herbicides for Horse Pasture Weed Control

Good stewardship and management practices will help ensure you get the most benefit from an herbicide application. Read More

UK Equine Law Conference Held in April

Discussion topics ranged from medications in racing and sport horse fields to equine insurance provisions, and more. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Kristin Pfahl

Pfahl is working to validate a new commercially available assay for detecting equine arteritis virus antibodies. Read More

Arabian Roots Exhibit on Display at UK

"Arabian Roots" was developed by UK Libraries, The Keeneland Library, and the Gluck Center. Read More

Weed of the Month: Hemp Dogbane

Hemp dogbane is poisonous to horses. The leaves are toxic at all times, even when dried in haybales. Read More

Conversation With Reiner Shawn Flarida Held April 27

Shawn Flarida spoke at the University of Kentucky Ag Equine Programs' Distinguished Industry Lecture Series. Read More

UK Equine Farm and Facilities Expo to be Held June 2

The event will feature presentations on footing, pasture weed management, landscape decisions on horse farms, and more. Read More

UKVDL Part of Larger Animal Health Monitoring Network

The Veterinary Diagnostic Lab is in-the-know on animal diseases, including equine ones, around the state and country. Read More

The Equine Genetic Toolbox

Genetic testing reveals differences in an individual's DNA that result in traits from coat color to muscle function. Read More

McCue, Squires Publish Equine Embryo Transfer Manual

The manual is based on basic science, research, and clinical experience from a commercial embryo transfer program. Read More

UK Ag Equine Programs Celebrates 10 Years

The university set out to change how it served the state's horse industry when launching the Equine Initiative in 2005. Read More

Gluck Foundation Releases Sixth Research Report

Learn about studies on genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, musculoskeletal science, reproduction, and more. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Macarena Sanz

Sanz's research has focused on Rhodococcus equi, a microorganism that causes pneumonia in young foals. Read More

UK Presents Conversation With Leading Reiner Shawn Flarida

Shawn Flarida will speak at 6 p.m. on April 27 as part of UK's Distinguished Industry Lecture Series. Read More

Researching and Developing Novel Fecal Egg Count Methods

A new smartphone app is designed to help veterinarians obtain fecal egg count results quickly and easily in the field. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Igor Canisso

Canisso's research focused on equine placentitis, which is a major cause of late-term pregnancy loss in broodmares. Read More

L. intracellularis Infection, Risk Evaluated

Foals' sex and weaning dates could increase or decrease their risk of developing L. intracellularis infection. Read More

Using Electric Fence to Improve Pastures

Electric fencing can be a valuable tool for improving your pasture management. Here's what to consider. Read More

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Egg Hatch Begins in Kentucky

Caterpillar consumption by pregnant mares can lead to fetal loss, late-term foal loss, or weak foals. Read More

Bennett Named to UK Positions

Rick Bennett, PhD, is the new UKAg associate dean for research and Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station director. Read More