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UK Ag Equine Programs Recognized at PRSA Awards Ceremony

The Bluegrass Equine Digest and other publications and campaigns garnered top awards. Read More

Effects of Climate Change on Tall Fescue, Endophytes

Some types of fescue infected with common endophyte strains could become more toxic when temperatures increase. Read More

Author Donates Portion of Book Proceeds to Gluck Center

Kristen Halverson chose to donate after Dan Howe, PhD, offered advice and answered her questions about EPM. Read More

Research Prompts New Tall Fescue Sample Handling Procedures

The UKVDL's new sample handling procedures appear to allow for more accurate ergovaline testing results. Read More

The Grass Guide: White Clover

White clover is the most widely found pasture legume in the United States. Read More

Nielsen Publishes Parasitology Papers in EVJ

Dr. Martin Nielsen will have three parasitology papers published in the Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ). Read More

Cicadas to Emerge Soon, Little Kentucky Impact Expected

Brood V of the 17-year periodical cicada, which is comprised of three separate species, is due to emerge this spring. Read More

Preventing Horse-Related Injuries to Humans

Researchers recently learned that 14% of individuals in emergency rooms were admitted for a horse-related injury. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Melissa Siard

Siard is studying inflamm-aging in senior horses, polyphenols as anti-inflammatory treatments, and more. Read More

Inaugural UK Equine Nutrition Short Course to be Held May 14

The event is designed to teach owners how nutrition can affect their horses' health and longevity. Read More

The Grass Guide: Bahiagrass

Bahiagrass is a hardy grass species tolerant of drought and poorly drained soils of any type. Read More

Higgins Receives Bill Barfield Award

Stephen Higgins, PhD, is the Director of Animal and Environmental Compliance for UK's Agricultural Experiment Station. Read More

Gluck Seeks Equine Research Hall of Fame Nominations

The Hall of Fame honors individuals who have expanded the body of knowledge in some field of equine science. Read More

Equine Infectious Diseases Conference Held in Argentina

Attendees from around the world gathered to discuss the latest topics and trends of equine infectious diseases. Read More

UK Hosts Three-Minute Thesis Competition for PhD Students

The competition allowed students three minutes to discuss their research using only one presentation slide. Read More

Team Serandu Wins UK Venture Challenge

Caitlin Halliwell and Allison Burke won the challenge and $1,500 with their idea for custom-fitted riding boots. Read More

Breeze Times, Sale Prices, and Racetrack Performance

Researchers recently investigated factors that impact prices paid for 2-year-old Thoroughbreds sold at undertack sales. Read More

UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Kelsey Smith

Smith's research is focused on determining the dietary requirement for the amino acid threonine in growing horses. Read More

UK Researchers Study MicroRNAs Throughout Gestation in Mares

MicroRNA, a small nonprotein coding gene, holds potential as a novel way to diagnose various diseases in the horse. Read More

UK Researcher Launches Equine Sports Science Initiative

The collaborative and research-based initiative is designed to advance the health and well-being of equine athletes. Read More

10th Equine Infectious Diseases Conference Scheduled

The 10th International Equine Infectious Diseases Conference will convene April 4-8 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read More

Equine Leptospirosis: 'Now We Have a Vaccine!'

Dr. Craig Carter recently presented an overview of equine leptospirosis and described the newly released vaccine. Read More

The Grass Guide: Alfalfa

This legume is one of the most in-demand species for hay production in the United States. Read More

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Egg Hatch Underway in Kentucky

Eastern tent caterpillar consumption can cause late-term foal losses, early- and late-term fetal losses, and weak foals. Read More

UK Lecture Series: Conversation With Misdee Wrigley Miller

Miller spoke at the University of Kentucky Ag Equine Program's Distinguished Industry Lecture Series on Feb 9. Read More