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Advances in Equine Neurological Disease Symposium a Success

Featured topics included equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, wobbler syndrome, and neurologic herpesvirus. Read More

Relative Feed Value of Hay

Good-quality hay is an important component of a horse's diet in the winter when fresh pasture is unavailable. Read More

UKVDL Records Rise in Equine Leptospirosis Cases

As Kentucky progresses through a near-record rainfall year, the UKVDL has observed leptospirosis abortions. Read More

Kentucky Farm Cash Receipts Exceed $5 Billion

Kentucky's farm economy did well in 2011, with farm cash receipts likely to exceed $5 billion. Read More

Gluck Researcher Featured Presenter in Parasite Webinar

Nielsen presented during's webinar entitled "Horse Worms: Learning to Live with Them." Read More

Nielsen Joins Gluck Center Faculty

Nielsen joined the UK Gluck Equine Research Center as an assistant professor in parasitology in August. Read More

Kentucky Equine Receipts Might Stabilize in 2011

Strong cash receipts will likely propel Kentucky's agricultural sector, including equine, forward in 2011. Read More

UK Graduate Spotlight: Katheryn Cerny

Katheryn Cerny will complete her master's in veterinary science at the University of Kentucky in early 2012. Read More

Mare Response to Endometritis Treatment

In some mares chronic uterine inflammation is a persistent problem that can interfere with pregnancy. Read More

Adams Named Assistant Research Professor at Gluck Center

Adams' research in her new position will focus on equine immunology, gerontology, and nutrition. Read More

Weed of the Month: Henbit

Henbit and purple deadnettle are winter annual weeds of the same genus and are often confused with each other. Read More

UKVDL Nocardioform Placentitis Study Update

The UKVDL reported an increased number of abortions and abnormal placentas due to nocardioform placentitis. Read More

Gluck Center Groups Publish Multiple Papers in One Journal

David Horohov, PhD, had three papers published in September's "Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology." Read More

Gluck Center Researchers Synthesize ITPP for UPenn

Gluck Center researchers have synthesized a certified reference standard for ITPP testing at UPenn's request. Read More

UK Graduate Spotlight: Catherine Whitehouse, BSc (Hons)

Catherine Whitehouse, BSc (Hons) is persuing her master's in Animal Science (emphasis in Equine Nutrition). Read More

Leading Sire Stud Fees: Breeding to Sell

The UK College of Agricultural Economics program examines leading Thoroughbred sire stud fees. Read More

Lecture: Regulation of Muscle Mass in Horses

Kristine Urschel, PhD, discussed factors that regulate equine muscle protein accretion and relevant research. Read More

Weed of the Month: Spiny Pigweed

Spiny pigweed control is accomplished easily by applying herbicides to plants shorter than 12 inches tall. Read More

UK Part of Neogen's Animal Safety Success

Neogen's Kentucky roots date back 20 years to when the company became interested in technology developed by UK Read More

Soil Scientist Works to Preserve Early Equine History

African Americans played a major role in Kentucky's early equine history as jockeys, trainers, and grooms. Read More

Congenital Flexural Limb Deformities in Foals

University of Kentucky researchers examine the genetics of congenital flexural limb deformities in foals. Read More

USDA Forage Research Unit at UK has Equine Focus

UK is home to a unique USDA research unit that focuses a large portion of of its forage research on horses. Read More

Searching for UK Alums in the Horse Industry

Were you equine before the UK had an official equine program? If so, the UK Equine Initiative wants to know! Read More

Laurie Lawrence Recognized with ASAA Fellow Award

Laurie Lawrence, PhD, received the American Society of Animal Science Fellow Award for research achievements. Read More

Genome Blueprint for Horse and Human Vaccines

Gluck Equine Research Center's Dr. John Timoney co-authored a paper on vaccines for Streptococcus equi. Read More