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Horse Owners: Vaccinate against Mosquito-Borne Diseases

The beginning of mosquito season means it's time to vaccinate animals against mosquito-borne diseases. Read More

Eastern Tent Caterpillars on the Move in Central Kentucky

Experts advise farm managers to ensure pregnant mares do not come in contact with crawling caterpillars. Read More

Horse Owners Urged to Control Mosquito Populations

Horse owners are advised to control mosquito populations to minimize animals' chances of contracting WNV. Read More

Australian Horse Owners: Consider Hendra Vaccines for Horses

Owners are encouraged to work with a veterinarian to develop a hendra vaccination strategy for their horses. Read More

BLM Extends Deadline for Herd Growth Suppression Proposals

The BLM says it extended the deadline to ensure it receives "the best ideas" for effective contraception. Read More

BLM Seeks Bids for Short-Term Wild Horse Care Facilities

The is soliciting bids for new short-term holding facilities in 17 states for animals removed rangelands. Read More

Va. Horse Owners Urged to Vaccinate for EEE, WNV, Rabies

Officials fear that owners could be lulled into not vaccinating by the lack of disease activity last year. Read More

UF Large Animal Surgery Resident Receives National Award

Dr. Andrew Smith's interests include equine diagnostic imaging, orthopedic and upper airway surgery, and more. Read More

Time to Consider Vaccinating Horses against WNV

Washington officials are advising owners to ensure their horses are vaccinated against West Nile virus (WNV). Read More

Nebraska State Veterinarian Encourages EHV-1 Awareness

Dr. Dennis Hughes is reminding horse owners to remain vigilant and exercise biosecurity measures. Read More

Online Equine Exercise Physiology Course Offered

The course is designed to teach students about the physiologic pathways important to equine performance. Read More

SPANA Launches Fundraising Effort to Train African Farriers

A survey found that most cart horses in two Ethiopian towns suffer from problems caused by poor farriery. Read More

TAMU Breaks Ground for New Veterinary Education Complex

The capital project will be one of the largest construction projects on the Texas A&M campus. Read More

Keep Horses Away from Sycamore Trees to Prevent AM

Researchers believe atypical myopathy, or AM, is caused by the ingestion of a toxin found in sycamore seeds. Read More

AAEP On Call Vet to Support Oaks, Derby Telecasts

Dr. Larry Bramlage will provide horse health reports to the media at the Kentucky Oaks and Derby. Read More

Endurance Horse Welfare Initiatives Introduced

The Federation Equestre Internationale introduced steps designed to improve endurance equine welfare. Read More

Rabies Found in Parker Co., Texas, Horse

The horse recently attended a show; officials urge people who've come in contact with him to see a doctor. Read More

Kansas Horse Euthanized after Contracting EHV-1

Officials reported that the horse in northeast Kansas was confirmed positive for non-neurotrophic EHV-1. Read More

Montana Horse Owners Urged to Vaccinate for West Nile Virus

Montana reported 32 equine WNV cases last year, the most since 2007 and the third highest total in the nation. Read More

Arena Footing Discussed at FEI Sports Forum

One session reviewed the Equine Surfaces White Paper, a study on surfaces' effects horses orthopedic health. Read More

Nolen-Walston Receives Award for Distinguished Teaching

Assistant professor Dr. Rose Nolen-Walston received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. Read More

ELCR Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The campaign will support the development of a planning and zoning guide for horse-friendly communities. Read More

USEF Issues Drugs and Medications Program Advisory

On April 22, the USEF issued an advisory in reference to recent changes to their drugs and medications rules. Read More

Stewart to Discuss Equine Tendon Injuries during Lecture

Dr. Holly Stewart will review current therapies and the development of more effective treatments. Read More

Trailering Your Horse with Safety in Mind

Make every trip a positive experience by planning it out ahead of time to ensure that your horse arrives safe. Read More