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Time to Ride Names Take a Friend Riding Sweepstakes Winner

Caitlin W., of Parker, Colorado, was selected to receive a three-night stay at a luxury dude ranch in Montana. Read More

Wulster to Speak on 3-D Printing in Large Animal Medicine

Dr. Kathryn Wulster is a radiologist and assistant professor of diagnostic imaging at Penn Vet. Read More

Podcast: Science of Prediction to Prevent Racehorse Injuries

Drs. Tim Parkin and Sarah Plevin describe studies focused on predicting injury before it occurs. Read More

Support Horse Welfare at 2016 AAEP Convention in Orlando

Proceeds from a golf tournament and the annual Foundation Celebration will support the AAEP Foundation. Read More

Peterson Named UK Ag Equine Programs Director

Mick Peterson, MS, PhD, an authority on racing and equestrian surfaces, will begin his new role in January 2017. Read More

Survey: One-Third of Horses With Health Problems are Lame

The British survey results also suggest that lamenesses are more likely to originate in the limb than in the foot. Read More

Five Livestock Evacuation Centers Open in Alabama

With Hurricane Matthew approaching, five facilities are opening their doors to evacuated horses and other livestock. Read More

Re-Evaluate Your Equine Deworming Protocols This Fall

Work with your veterinarian to develop an individualized risk-based deworming plan tailored to your horse's needs. Read More

Virginia Horse Center Open to Evacuated Equids

The Lexington, Virginia, facility has stalls for horses that need to be removed from Hurricane Matthew's path. Read More

Ducharme to Deliver AAEP's 2016 Milne Lecture

Dr. Norm Ducharme will speak on various upper airway issues, current research, and emerging diagnostics and treatments. Read More

Research Sheds New Light on Laminitis Risk Factors

Being able to identify horses at increased risk of developing laminitis is key to reducing its incidence. Read More

2016 Time to Ride Challenge Wraps Up

More than 1,000 events were held during this year's competition to help introduce newcomers to horses. Read More

Reid Receives BVA's Dalrymple-Champneys Cup and Medal

Dr. Stuart Reid, who has an equine background, was recognized for his contributions as an academic and researcher. Read More

Weller Elected New BEVA Junior Vice President

Dr. Renate Weller is a professor of comparative imaging and biomechanics at the Royal Veterinary College. Read More

Emergency Wild Horse Gather Underway in Nevada

The BLM said it will remove up to 60 wild horses from Goshute HMA due to insufficient water sources. Read More

Eclipse Champion Hidden Lake Dead at 23

The 23-year-old daughter of Quiet American was euthanized Sept. 29 due to infirmities of old age. Read More

Colorado Equine WNV Case Count Rises to 12

Cases have been confirmed in Larimer, Weld, LaPlata, Adams, Mesa, and Pueblo counties. Read More

Coalition of State Horse Councils' Fall Meeting Approaching

State horse council and AHC representatives will meet Oct. 28-30 for the coalition's fall meeting. Read More

BLM to Gather Sand Wash Wild Horses in October

Some mares will be treated with a contraceptive vaccine while some young horses will be prepared for adoption. Read More

All Drug Tests From Rio Para-Dressage Competitors Clean

This means back-to-back clean Paralympic games (London 2012 and Rio 2016) for para-equestrian participants. Read More

Leptospirosis Vaccine Licensed for Use in Pregnant Mares

The USDA licensed a vaccine for use in pregnant mares to protect against leptospirosis, one cause of abortion in horses. Read More

West Virginia to Require Safety Alliance Accreditation

The state's two Thoroughbred tracks must submit applications for Safety and Integrity Alliance accreditation by Nov. 4. Read More

BLM to Begin Emergency Gather in the Big Sand Spring Valley

The BLM said it will gather and care for up to 300 wild horses impacted by drought conditions. Read More

AAEP Foundation Distributes Funds to Benefit Equine Welfare

The foundation will distribute $459,198 to 27 organizations and special projects committed to improving equine welfare. Read More

Ammonia: A Hidden Danger in the Barn

We know that ammonia is harmful to horses. But did you know it's also a health hazard for humans? Read More