Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Kansas Horse Shooter Sought

Kansas law enforcement authorities are seeking whoever shot a pair of horses found dead in Douglas County. Read More

Authorities Seize Texas Horse Herd

Twenty-four allegedly malnourished horses and a donkey are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized. Read More

BLM Seeks Shooters in Burro Case

The BLM is hoping the public can help identify those responsible for the shooting deaths of two wild burros. Read More

Georgia Barn Fire Claims 18 Horses

Eighteen horses were killed in a barn fire at Brookwood Equestrian Center in Oconee County, Ga. Read More

Jackson to Serve Jail Time for Stealing SAU Horses

Jackson was sentenced to serve 42 months in prison in Oklahoma and 7 months probation. Read More

Horse Processing Advocate Sue Wallis Dies in Wyoming

Sue Wallis, who made headlines as a vocal proponent of U.S. horse processing, died Tuesday. She was 56. Read More

BLM Seeks Ideas on Wild Horse Management

The BLM is seeking management ideas, but critics say previously suggested methods haven't been implemented. Read More

N.M. Police Seek Shooter in Horse-Related Case

Bernalillo County authorities are seeking a man who allegedly shot another man over the price of a horse. Read More

Guilty Plea Entered in Iowa Horse Shootings

An Iowa man has pleaded guilty to shooting three horses, one of which died, in their pasture. Read More

Breed Groups Support AQHA on Cloning Issue

Several groups support the AQHA in its bid to overturn a court decision regarding cloned horse registrations. Read More

Judge Rules against N.M. Horse Processing Plant

A judge granted an injunction preventing Valley Meat Co. from opening its long-sought horse processing plant. Read More

Omnibus Bill Passes, Nixes Horse Processing

Congress has passed a bill that eliminates funding to carry out horsemeat inspections at domestic plants. Read More

California Group sues TWHBEA

The group says TWHBEA is violating law by making them to travel to remove a board of directors member. Read More

Horses Evacuated from California Wildfire

Eighty horses were evacuated from a ranch threatened by a wildfire burning near Glendora, Calif. Read More

Excessive Cobalt Levels Detected in Meadowlands Racehorses

The cobalt was presumably used as a performance-enhancing substance, a statement said. Read More

Fire Agency Adopts Large Animal Rescue Guidelines

The guidelines cover recommended practices for animal rescues, equipment used in such situations, and more. Read More

2014 Fiscal Bill Could Defund USDA Horsemeat Inspections

If passed, the proposed legislation would once again strip the USDA of funding for horsemeat inspections. Read More

A Dozen Horses Perish in Alabama Barn Fire

Fire investigators are blaming a lightning strike for a barn fire that killed 12 horses. Read More

Allegedly Maltreated Horse Herd Seized in Indiana

More than 80 horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized in Jefferson County, Ind. Read More

Farm Workers and Immigration Reform

Equine professionals hope passage of a proposed bill will mitigate their employment woes. Read More

Senate Okays Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

Mobile veterinarians are one step closer to better protection from federal drug prosecution. Read More

Florida Horses Found Butchered in Miami-Dade County

Less than two weeks into the new year, two horses have been found butchered in separate incidents. Read More

California Owners, TWHBEA Grapple over Vote

The TWHBEA members contend the association is forcing them to travel in order to remove a director. Read More

Attorney Threatens to Sue N.M. Attorney General

The suit is the latest volley in the battle surrounding the opening of a horse processing plant in New Mexico. Read More

AQHA Files Appeal Related to Clone Registrations

The AQHA has filed the latest installment in a long-running court case relative to cloned horse registration. Read More