Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Louisiana Horse Deaths Investigated

Authorities are hoping a cash reward will determine who shot three horses grazing in a pasture. Read More

Deputies Probe Arizona Horse Slashing

Maricopa County authorities are seeking whoever slashed a horse's neck in its barn near Scottsdale. Read More

Crowdfunding: Donors and Fundraisers, Proceed with Caution

While funds can be raised successfully via Internet financing, caution is key for both donors and fundraisers. Read More

Texas Horses Dead after being Swarmed by Bees

An official said the horses likely received thousands of stings; both animals were euthanized at the scene. Read More

Ohio Horse Shooter Sought

Authorities hope the public can help identify whoever shot a horse in its Butler County pasture. Read More

Horses Removed from North Carolina Farm during Cruelty Probe

Thirteen horses are in foster care and 41 horses' care is being monitored as part of an ongoing investigation. Read More

Colorado Woman found Guilty in Horse Cruelty Case

A Colorado woman will serve prison time connected to horses removed from her property in 2012. Read More

Louisiana Man Jailed for Tampering with Coggins Test

The man will serve 20 years in prison after admitting to selling a horse with a fraudulent Coggins test. Read More

Advocates want Endangered Status for Wild Horses

Advocates want wild horses designated as endangered on grounds that a 1971 act failed to protect the animals. Read More

Utah Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Maltreating Horses

A Utah woman accused of maltreating 80 horses has pleaded not guilty to the charges Read More

Florida Horses Injected with Gasoline, 1 Dead

Law enforcement authorities are seeking whoever is responsible for injecting gasoline into grazing horses. Read More

Veterinarian-Recommended Horse Adoption Tips

An equine veterinarian offers horse adoption tips in response to a Florida horse rescue fraud case. Read More

Florida Rescue Operators Face More Charges

Operators of a rescue farm face additional fraud charges related to an animal seizure earlier this year. Read More

Florida Pair Charged for Neglecting Horses

The pair allegedly failed to provide care for several horses, including one they were paid to care for. Read More

New York City Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver Loses License

A horse-drawn cab driver accused of animal cruelty has lost his license to drive a carriage in that city. Read More

Alabama Horse Shooting Suspect Charged

An Alabama man is in custody and has been charged in connection with the shooting deaths of two horses. Read More

Wild Horse Advocates Seek Nevada Lawsuit Dismissal

The lawsuit asks the BLM to remove horses from rangelands in order to protect the ranges' ecologic balance. Read More

House Committee Passes Slaughter Ban Amendment

In effect, the ban on horsemeat inspection funding makes it impossible to process horses in the United States. Read More

Texas Horses Evacuated Ahead of Predicted Flooding

The horses are residing at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston after being evacuated ahead of predicted flooding. Read More

Former TWHBEA Vice President Sues Organization

Pat Stout has accused TWHBEA of committing illegal corporate acts and breaching its fiduciary duties. Read More

Conviction in SAU Horse Theft, Slaying Case Stands

A judge upheld a guilty verdict in the case against Wendi Cox, who was involved in the SAU horse theft case. Read More

Senate Committee Passes 2015 Slaughter Ban Amendment

The amendment would prevent the USDA from using a portion of its 2015 budget to fund horsemeat inspections. Read More

California Man Arrested in Missing Horses Case

A man has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a pair of California Quarter Horses. Read More

PAST Act Supporters to Rally in Washington

Supports of the bill will gather in Washington, D.C., in June to show their support for the legislation. Read More

South Dakota Man Indicted in Horse Release Case

The man accused of releasing more than 30 racehorses from their stalls has been indicted by a grand jury. Read More