Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Illinois City to Get Restitution in Crundwell Case

Dixon will receive more than $9 million in restitution in a case involving a high-profile horse breeder. Read More

NM Attorney General Sues to Halt Horse Slaughter Plant

The lawsuit is intended to prevent Valley Meats Co., LLC, from starting horse processing operations next year. Read More

Arizona Police Probe Horse Shooting

Authorities are investigating the shooting of a mare found wandering in the desert earlier this month. Read More

Florida Mane Thief Sought

Authorities are seeking those responsible for cutting the mane of a horse grazing in a Punta Gorda pasture. Read More

Appeals Court Sides with Horse Processor

A federal appeals court ruled against animal rights groups that challenged U.S. horse processing plants. Read More

Nebraska Police Seek Help to Find Horse Shooter

Authorities are seeking those responsible for shooting a Paint Horse in its pasture last month. Read More

Michigan Man Charged for Allegedly Maltreating DNR Donkey

The allegedly neglected donkey was one of three residing at one property; the others allegedly died. Read More

Wheelon, Three Others Plead Not Guilty to Charges

The Tennessee Walking Horse trainer pleaded not guilty to cruelty charges for allegedly soring horses. Read More

Grand Jury Indicts Horse Trainer Wheelon, Three Others

Wheelon is free on bond after a jury indicted him on animal cruelty counts for allegedly soring horses. Read More

Court Says AQHA can Delay Clone Registrations

The AQHA can delay registering clones until the association's appeal of an earlier court ruling is decided. Read More

Pennsylvania Police Seek Leads in Amish Horse Shooting

Police hope the public can help identify whoever shot a horse pulling a buggy containing several passengers. Read More

Indiana Police Probe Horse Hair Thefts

Authorities are investigating a trio of incidents involving hair being cut from horses' manes and tails. Read More

Utah Man Accuses AQHA of Anti-Trust Violations

The Quarter Horse trainer alleges the AQHA violated anti-trust laws by preventing him from earning a living. Read More

Connecticut Non-Veterinarian Tooth Floater Faces Charges

A Connecticut woman is facing charges for allegedly practicing veterinary medicine without a license. Read More

Charges Filed in Pennsylvania Horse Death

A woman was charged with animal cruelty after her elderly mare died of alleged starvation earlier this week. Read More

More than 60 Horses Seized in Washington State

More than 60 allegedly maltreated horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized last week. Read More

Few Horse Evacuations due to Severe Weather in Midwest

The storms' high winds forced some owners to remove horses from pastures due to downed fencing. Read More

U.S. House Subcommittee Hears Anti-Soring Bill Testimony

A U.S. House subcommittee heard from both sides of the soring issue during hearings on HR 1518. Read More

Tennessee Authorities Investigate Horse Death

Authorities are seeking whoever is responsible for the death of a horse in its Williamson County pasture. Read More

ALDF Eyes National Animal Abuser Registry

Horse rescues could soon be able to consult a nationwide animal abuser registry before adopting animals out. Read More

USDA Responds to Horse Processing Plant Appeal

The USDA is bound to inspect qualified horse processing plants, the organization's appeal response says. Read More

Missouri Barn Fire Kills Eight Horses

A barn fire that occurred late last month claimed the lives of eight stock horses housed in Cass County, Mo. Read More

N.M. Horse Processing Plant On Hold Again

An order handed down by an appeals court bars the USDA from carrying out inspections at processing plants. Read More

Hoskins to Serve Probation, Pay Fines for Mistreating Horses

Hoskins was found guilty of mistreating dozens of Morgan Horses earlier this year. Read More

Federal Judge Clears Way for N.M. Horse Processing Plant

A judge allowed a lawsuit that could have prevented a New Mexico processing plant from opening to expire. Read More