Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Trailer Crash in Knoxville Kills 10 Horses

A veterinarian treated several surviving horses for superficial wounds. Read More

Court Rules Borells Have No Claim to Seized Horses

The ruling noted that Charles Borell relinquished his ownership of the horses in connection with his Alford plea deal. Read More

ND Authorities Offer Reward in Horse, Cattle Killing Cases

The North Dakota Stockmen's Association offers a $10,000-plus reward after a mare was shot and skinned. Read More

ISPMB President Says Horse Deaths 'Misrepresented'

Karen Sussman was accused of maltreating horses; a former employee alleged that 30 animals had died of malnutrition. Read More

New Beginnings Horse Rescue Operator Indicted

Cassy Newell-Reed was indicted on animal cruelty charges months after officials declined to prosecute previous charges. Read More

Crash Claims Show Horses En Route to Quarter Horse Congress

Two horses were euthanized after being ejected from a trailer that overturned in Ohio. Read More

Court Tosses Wyoming Mustang Removal Appeal

Wyoming had been seeking the removal of wild horses from the state's Checkerboard area. Read More

Wild Horse Sanctuary Herd Impounded

The impoundment is part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of horse maltreatment at the South Dakota facility. Read More

Equine Issues and the 2016 Election

Government and horse industry members share thoughts on how a new administration might influence horse-related policy. Read More

Arrow Wound Kills Vermont Horse

The Quarter Horse bled out after being shot with a bow and arrow in the middle of the night. Read More

Horse Owners Taking Proactive Approach for Hurricane Matthew

Owners on the East Coast are evacuating horses to locations away from the storm's potential path. Read More

Mustang Sanctuary President Denies Equine Neglect

A former sanctuary employee alleged that Karen Sussman maltreated horses and that 30 animals had died of malnutrition. Read More

Borell Takes Plea Deal in Horse Abandonment Case

Charles Borell pleaded guilty to nine counts of second-degree misdemeanor animal cruelty under an Alford plea. Read More

Santa Cruz County, California, Horses Displaced by Wildfire

Several horses have returned to their homes, but others remain at the county animal shelter and fairgrounds. Read More

Tennessee Woman Accused of Maltreating Horses

Twenty-four horses are receiving rehabilitative care while their owner faces animal cruelty charges. Read More

Stolen Georgia Thoroughbred Found

"Henry" was found in a North Georgia pasture, more than 140 miles away from where he was allegedly stolen. Read More

Stolen Georgia Horse Recovered in South Carolina

A 23-year-old Thoroughbred was taken with the recovered Quarter Horse. Read More

Kentucky Authorities Seek Ownership of Seized Horses

The 43 seized horses were allegedly abandoned earlier this year by Charles and Maria Borell. Read More

BLM Responds to Reports on Advisory Board Vote

The BLM says it has no plans to euthanize wild horses currently held in short- and long-term holding facilities. Read More

Reward Offered in Florida Horse Shooting

Authorities hope the offer of a cash reward will help identify who fatally shot a horse in a pasture near Tallahassee. Read More

BLM Nixes Surgical Spay Plan

Also, a wild horse and burro advisory board resolution might result in the euthanasia of animals in holding facilities. Read More

Charges Against Online Horse Rescuer Dropped

The charges against Crystal Davis and her son Joseph McMillen were dropped after an investigator stepped down. Read More

Feral Horses in Nevada Killed in Collision

The state Department of Agriculture is asking drivers near the Virginia Range to be alert for roaming feral horses. Read More

Plea Deal Entered in New York Horse Shooting

Robert Webster Jr. pleaded guilty to a criminal mischief charge connected to the shooting death of a horse last year. Read More

Some Horses Missing From Mustang Monument Found

More than 50 horses released when their pasture fences were cut have been returned to the equine sanctuary. Read More