Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Horses Seized in Illinois Cruelty Case

More than 30 horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized in Kane County, Ill. Read More

Authorities Still Investigating Oregon Wild Horse Shootings

Despite the offer of a cash reward, leads in the case have been scant, a law enforcement official said. Read More

Veterinarians Oppose Blackburn Bill

The bill was introduced last month as an alternative to anti-soring legislation introduced last year. Read More

Washington Horse Shooter Sought

Authorities are seeking those responsible for shooting eight Quarter Horses in their pasture. Read More

Obama Budget Could Halt Horse Plant Inspections Through 2015

A request contained in a budget proposal from President Barack Obama could halt horse processing through 2015. Read More

Equine Massage Therapists Sue Arizona Vet Board

The therapists claim the veterinary medical examining board is violating their right to earn a living. Read More

Horses Removed From Georgia Property

Sixteen allegedly malnourished horses were removed from the property and several horses' remains were found. Read More

Thoroughbred Dies in Indianapolis Barn Blaze

A 2-year-old Thoroughbred is dead after fire swept through the barn in which it was residing. Read More

Former Horse Rescue Operator Wants Jury Trial

The former operator of a horse rescue is seeking a jury trial in connection with criminal charges. Read More

Leachman Appeals Animal Cruelty Conviction to Montana Court

A Montana rancher found guilty of maltreating horses appealed his conviction to that state's Supreme Court. Read More

Kentucky Horse Shooter Sought

Authorities are seeking whoever is responsible for shooting and killing a 24-year-old horse. Read More

Bill Would be Alternative to PAST Legislation

A bill that would give lawmakers an alternate way to prevent soring was introduced this week. Read More

Mississippi Judge Allows Horse Herd Rescue

A herd of horses is receiving rehabilitative care after a judge granted a rescue group temporary custody. Read More

BLM: Controversial Memo was Based on Possible Budget Cuts

The controversial memo was predicated on budget cuts that never happened, a BLM representative says. Read More

Ohio Horse Rescue Operator is Subject of Lawsuit

The operator is accused of misappropriating funds and failing to register the charity with the state. Read More

Oklahoma Woman Accused in Quarter Horse Theft

The woman is accused of selling a horse not belonging to her and altering ownership documents of another. Read More

Lawsuit Focuses on Ohio Service Horse

The lawsuit involves the city of Blue Ash, Ohio; a disabled child; and a fair housing organization. Read More

Veterinarian, Equine Advocate Leitch Dies

Midge Leitch, VMD, Dipl ACVS, has died after a long battle with cancer. She was 67 years old. Read More

Florida Horse Seizure Prompts Animal Services Investigation

Seventeen horses are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized from two properties earlier this month. Read More

Carriage Horse Controversy Extends Beyond New York City

The ordinance that would ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City has not yet reached the city council. Read More

Jackson Sentenced in Arkansas for SAU Horse Thefts

A judge sentenced Jackson to serve two consecutive 5-year sentences in connection with the case. Read More

Kansas Horse Shooter Sought

Kansas law enforcement authorities are seeking whoever shot a pair of horses found dead in Douglas County. Read More

Authorities Seize Texas Horse Herd

Twenty-four allegedly malnourished horses and a donkey are receiving rehabilitative care after being seized. Read More

BLM Seeks Shooters in Burro Case

The BLM is hoping the public can help identify those responsible for the shooting deaths of two wild burros. Read More

Georgia Barn Fire Claims 18 Horses

Eighteen horses were killed in a barn fire at Brookwood Equestrian Center in Oconee County, Ga. Read More