Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a professional journalist who has covered horse industry and equestrian topics for a number of publications. Her background includes riding, showing, and training Saddlebred horses.

Articles by Pat Raia

California Authorities Probe Horse Carcass Dumpings

Authorities hope the public can help identify who's illegally dumping horse carcasses in San Joaquin County. Read More

Mississippi Horse Deaths Probed

Law enforcement authorities are investigating the death of a pair of Gypsy Vanner horses. Read More

Georgia Authorities Probe Deadly Saddlebred Barn Fire

Authorities are investigating the cause of a fire that claimed the lives of 35 Saddlebred horses last week. Read More

Senate Committee Approves Horsemeat Inspection Ban

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to deny horsemeat inspection funds funds during fiscal 2014. Read More

California Breeders Plead Not Guilty

The breeders pleaded not guilty to multiple animal cruelty counts for allegedly maltreating several horses. Read More

Feed Choices Can Mean Cost Savings for Horse Owners

Feed choices are good places to start when trimming expenses without sacrificing the horses' care quality. Read More

Wild Horse Lawsuit Expands

A wild horse advocacy group has expanded its existing lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management. Read More

Amendment to Defund Horsemeat Inspections Clears Committee

The amendment would deny the USDA funding to carry out inspections at U.S. horse processing plants. Read More

More than 600 Colorado Horses Evacuated Ahead of Wildfires

Officials report that more than 600 Colorado horses have been evacuated from wildfire zones. Read More

Wildfires Force Colorado Horse Evacuations

An undetermined number of horses are being evacuated due to wildfires sweeping through Colorado. Read More

N.M. Attorney General Deems Horsemeat 'Tainted'

New Mexico's Attorney General has determined that horsemeat is unfit for human consumption. Read More

Another Florida Horse Found Slaughtered

A horse was apparently slaughtered for meat, then dumped in an embankment near West Palm Beach, Fla. Read More

Tennessee Soring Case Expands

Authorities arrested two men who allegedly worked with sored horses at Larry Wheelon's training barn. Read More

Florida Rains Displace Foals

A group of foals was relocated to drier quarters after rain flooded their pen near West Palm Beach. Read More

NAS Pans Current BLM Mustang Management

Study results suggest the BLM should rely more on contraception than roundups to manage wild horse herds. Read More

Corolla Wild Horse Bill Gets House Nod

The legislation would help protect a herd of wild horses residing on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Read More

Los Angeles County Wildfires Displace Horses

A wildfire forced the evacuation of horses from the Green Valley community in Los Angeles, Calif. Read More

TWHBEA President Backs Anti-Soring Bill

The bill would forbid the use of action devices and increase penalties for anyone convicted of soring horses. Read More

Montana Horse Discovered Dead

Authorities are seeking information about whoever is responsible for the Ravalli County horse's death. Read More

Preparedness is Key to Surviving Tornadoes with Horses

Being prepared in advance is crucial for helping horses survive potentially life-threatening storms. Read More

Georgia Horses Removed from Flood Zone

The horses were brought to higher ground last weekend after water from heavy rains threatened their stable. Read More

Florida Horse Found Slain for Meat

Authorities are seeking whoever entered a private property and slaughtered a horse for meat. Read More

Oklahoma Horse Owners Face Tornado Devastation

Horse owners in Oklahoma are assessing their losses while bracing for yet another round of strong storms. Read More

Seized Utah Horses to be Sold at Auction

More than 30 allegedly maltreated horses will be sold at auction to recover costs connected to their care. Read More

Florida Horse Rescue Operator Charged

The rescue operator allegedly maltreated horses in her care and falsified health reports. Read More