Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Waiting for the Veterinarian

Tips on how to help your sick or injured horse until the veterinarian arrives. Read More

Horse Owners Advised to Prepare for Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl isn't expected to take a swipe at Massachusetts' east coast until Saturday, but on Tuesday boarding barn operator Dausha Campbell didn't waste time preparing for the storm's arrival. "We feel like Read More

Coronary Band Injuries in Horses

Horses are likely to sustain coronary band and hoof wall injuries at one time or another. These injuries can carry long-term performance and soundness consequences. Read More

BLM Requests Independent Operations Review

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has asked the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council (NAS/NRC), an independent, nonprofit group that advises government agencies on scientific issues, to review the agency's Wild Horse and Read More

California Horse Dealer Accused of Fraud

A California woman accused of misrepresenting horses she offered for sale on equine-related websites pleaded guilty to a federal fraud charge under a plea agreement filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles last week. Assistant U.S Read More

California Anti-Slaughter Resolution Passes

A bill instructing California's congressional delegation to support federal legislation that would forbid the transport of horses to horse processing plants in Canada and Mexico took its final step to passage on Wednesday when that state's Senate app Read More

Kansas Rescue Operator Faces Cruelty Charge

The operator of a Kansas horse rescue is facing an animal cruelty charge in connection with the removal of 80 horses from her Coffey County property last month. Detective Tom Johnson of the Coffey County Sheriff's Department said Read More

New York Farm Operator Faces New Charge

A New York Morgan horse trainer already facing multiple animal cruelty charges was arraigned this week on yet another charge connected to a horse that was euthanized on her East Aurora farm in November 2009. Read More

Texas Barn Fire Probe Continues

Fire officials in Allen, Texas, are investigating the cause of a barn fire that claimed the lives of more than 20 horses earlier this month. Allen Fire Department Fire Marshal and Asst. Chief Craig Gillis said the fire in the 7,200- Read More

Group Seeks Stiffer Anti-Soring Rules

A group of equine welfare advocates want the USDA to adopt new regulations designed to beef-up enforcement of the Horse Protection Act (HPA) of 1970 at Tennessee Walking Horse exhibitions. The act forbids soring, the deliberate injury to a horse's le Read More

Kansas Authorities Seize Horses

More than 80 horses are receiving care at an undisclosed location after law enforcement authorities removed them from a Coffee County, Kan., farm July 30. Det. Tom Johnson of the Coffey County Sheriff's said sheriff's deputie Read More

Congressmen Seek to Halt BLM Gathers

A bipartisan group of congressmen have asked Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to halt controversial gather operations in Nevada and postpone all pending wild horse gathers until an independent study of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) musta Read More

Africanized Bee Swarm Kills Two Horses in California

A California rancher recommends horse owners examine their barns for Africanized honeybee hives after two horses stabled on her Menifee property died subsequent to sustaining hundreds of stings. The two Tennessee Walking horses were stabled in a barn Read More

Emergency Shoe Removal for Horses

A nearly lost shoe should stop a rider cold because it can expose horses to foot injuries ranging from nail punctures to sole bruising. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them can help you remove a shoe safely Read More

Horse Abandonment Case in Washington Under Investigation

Law enforcement authorities in King County, Wash., are seeking those responsible for abandoning two horses near a campground on July 21. Sheriff's Deputies discovered the roughly 20-year-old bay Thoroughbred mare and the elderly Read More

Horse Transport Bill Advances

Legislation that would ban the use of double-decker trailers to transport horses advanced this week when it was passed by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure July 29. The Horse Transportation Act of 2009 (HR305) would prohibit Read More

Judge Denies Request to Halt Nevada Mustang Gather

A U.S. District Court judge in Nevada has declined to grant a wild horse advocate's second request for a temporary restraining order designed to prevent the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from gathering horses from the Rock Creek and Littl Read More

New Order Sought to Stop Nevada Mustang Gathers

A Nevada wild horse advocate has again asked a federal court to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) forbidding the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to gather animals from the Rock Creek and Little Humboldt Horse Management Areas in northwestern Read More

Reward Offered in Texas Horse Shooting Case

A Flour Bluff, Texas, woman hopes the offer of a $4,000 cash reward will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for shooting her 16-year-old Quarter Horse while he grazed in his pasture. Read More

Lawsuit Opposes California Mustang Gather

Wild horse advocates are seeking a federal court order to prevent the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from removing approximately 2,000 mustangs from the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area near Susanville, Calif. The gather is slated to begin in A Read More

Oregon Woman Charged in Horse Shootings

An Oregon woman faces multiple criminal charges in connection with the shooting of two horses in a Deschutes County pasture on July 10. Deschutes County Sheriff's Deputy Sargeant Bryan Husband said patrolling sheriff's d Read More

Nevada Mustang Gather Resumes

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) resumed its gather of horses from the Owyhee Herd Management Area in Elko County, Nev., on July 17, one day after a federal court judge rescinded a temporary restraining order that postponed the round-up earl Read More

Sixth Horse dies at Calgary Stampede

On July 15 a chuchwagon race outrider horse became the sixth equine to die during the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada. The annual event features rodeo-style competitions and li Read More

Four More Mustangs Die After Nevada Roundup

The number of mustangs either found dead or euthanized due to complications from water starvation/dehydration or subsequent water intoxication after being relocated from their ranges to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) temporary holding faciliti Read More

Five Horses Die at the Calgary Stampede

Five horses have died in separate incidents at this year's Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada. The annual event features rodeo-style competitions and livestock exhibitions. Veterinarians have attributed the deaths to cardiac episodes and f Read More