Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Search Under Way for 22 Horses Swept Away by Irene

The New York-based owner of 22 horses swept away during Hurricane Irene is hoping to recover his animals. Read More

Federal Judge Warns BLM over Helicopter Use in Roundups

A judge has instructed helicopter pilots in BLM wild horse gathers to use caution when driving the horses. Read More

AAEP Task Force: BLM Mustang Care "Appropriate"

The AAEP-BLM task force made recommendations to improve the care they already deem "appropriate." Read More

Feral Coastal Ponies Weather Irene

The feral ponies that reside on the Atlantic coast handled Hurricane Irene well. Read More

Complaint Seeks Halt to Nevada Mustang Gather

A previously contested BLM mustang gather is the focus of yet another lawsuit from a wild horse advocate. Read More

New York Rescue Operator Faces Fraud, Cruelty Charges

An equine rescue is facing charges for allegedly defrauding financial contributors and maltreating horses. Read More

Irene 'Just Another Storm' for Feral Outer Banks Ponies

The feral ponies that inhabit North Carolina's Currituck National Wildlife Refuge will weather Irene. Read More

Horse Owners Urged to Prepare for Hurricane Irene

Emergency response personnel are urging horse owners in hurricane-prone regions to prepare for the storm. Read More

UDSA: More Corn to be Used for Fuel Than Feed

More corn will be used to produce ethanol fuel than food, which could mean an increase in horse feed prices. Read More

New Charges Filed in Texas Neglect Case

The owner of nine horses that died allegedly due to lack of water in Texas is facing animal cruelty charges. Read More

Warrant Issued in Texas Horse Deaths

Texas authorities have obtained an arrest warrant for the caretaker of nine horses that died last week. Read More

Arkansas Man Charged in Dehydrated Horse Deaths

An Arkansas man faces animal cruelty charges for allegedly neglecting two horses discovered dead on his farm. Read More

Texas Horse Deaths Investigated

Texas authorities are investigating who is responsible for the care of nine horses discovered dead last week. Read More

Texas Liability Law Protects Barn Operators, Horse Owners

Equine professionals are protected from liability connected to equine activities by a limited liability law. Read More

More Than 200 Horses Seized from Texas Holding Area

More than 200 allegedly maltreated horses are in law enforcement authorities' custody after being seized. Read More

Deadly Texas Barn Fire Probed

Texas fire officials are investigating a barn fire that killed as many as 14 Arabian horses Aug. 9. Read More

Stallion Castration Dropped from Contested BLM Gather Plan

Mustang mares will receive contraceptives and stallions will return to the range under a new BLM gather plan. Read More

South Carolina Horse Death Probed

Authorities in South Carolina are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of a horse. Read More

BLM Probes Possible Illegal Mustang Trade

The BLM is investigating if dozens of mustangs confiscated in Utah were bound for processing plants in Mexico. Read More

Wyoming Group Sues BLM Over Mustangs' Grazing Habits

A corporation is asking a federal court to order the removal of mustangs that have strayed on to private land. Read More

Colorado Man Faces Cruelty Charges

A Colorado man is facing 56 animal cruelty charges in connection with the alleged maltreatment of horses. Read More

Florida Youth Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

A Florida youth is facing felony animal cruelty charges for allegedly attacking three horses last month. Read More

Lightning Blamed for Deadly Connecticut Barn Fire

Fire officials in Haddam, Conn., blame lightning for a fire that resulted in the death of one horse August 1. Read More

Second Horse Dies at Cheyenne Frontier Days

A mare used in the Wild Horse Race at the Cheyenne Frontier Days died Saturday after sustaining a neck injury. Read More

BLM to Revise Wyoming Mustang Gather Plan

The BLM has withdrawn a mustang gather plan that would have created minimally producing wild horse herds. Read More