Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Philadelphia Horse Owner Charged with Cruelty

Claritza Lopez-Fuentes allegedly abandoned a 9-year-old mare in a vacant city lot earlier this week. Read More

Pennsylvania Horse Owner Sought

The 9-year-old mare was found standing unattended in a weedy, trash-filled lot between two rowhouses. Read More

South Carolina Man Charged in Horse Shooting

He is facing charges for allegedly shooting a horse while hunting near the animal's pasture in Aiken County. Read More

U.S. Horse Processing Could Resume Soon

One proponent believes horse processing in the United States could resume before the end of the year. Read More

Georgia Horse Shootings Probed

One horse was killed and another was injured as a result of being shot in their pasture earlier this month. Read More

Missing Southern Arkansas University Horse Found Dead

On Nov. 25 McCurtain County, Okla., Sheriff's personnel discovered the remains of the final missing horse. Read More

South Carolina Horse Owner Sought

Authorities are seeking the owner of a horse found standing unattended on a street near Duncan this week. Read More

Georgia Woman Pleads No Contest to Cruelty Charges

A Georgia woman has pleaded no contest to charges connected with the alleged maltreatment of 41 horses . Read More

Illinois Horse Tampering Case Probed

Law enforcement authorities in Will County, Ill., are seeking whoever is responsible for injecting a foreign Read More

Bill Passes without Defunding Horsemeat Inspections

An appropriations bill that does not specifically deny USDA funding to conduct horsemeat inspections. Read More

Not Guilty Plea Entered in Horse Dragging Case

An Oklahoma man accused of animal cruelty after allegedly dragging a horse down a road has pleaded not guilty Read More

Auburn University Horses Injured During Tornado

One horse is dead and two others are recovering from injuries after a tornado touched down at Auburn Read More

Southern Arkansas University Recovers Four Stolen Horses

Four of five horses stolen from stables at the university earlier this month were found in Oklahoma Nov. 15. Read More

Stolen Southern Arkansas University Horses Remain Missing

Authorities have since recovered a horse trailer, saddles, blankets and other tack taken during the incident. Read More

Pennsylvania Man Charged in Police Horse Theft

A Lancaster, Pa., man is behind bars after stealing a police horse earlier this week.
Read More

Charges Filed in Oklahoma Horse Dragging Incident

A man was charged with animal cruelty after allegedly using an all-terrain vehicle to drag a horse down a road Read More

South Carolina Horse Theft Investigated

Two other horses residing in the same pasture as the stolen horse were not disturbed during the incident. Read More

Three Plead Guilty in HPA Violation Case

The three were accused of applying equine soring practices and falsifying forms required to show the animals. Read More

New York Bill Would Make Horse Abuse a Felony

The bill would make it a felony to maltreat a horse used for recreation or those being rehabilitated. Read More

Washington Drive-By Horse Shooting Probed

Witnesses say a pickup truck stopped on the road near the horse's pasture and an occupant shot the animal. Read More

N.Y. Bill Would Create Statewide Cruelty Convict Registry

Convicted animal cruelty offenders would be required to register with a statewide animal cruelty database. Read More

Judge Allows Wild Horse Advocates to Join Wyoming Case

Three wild horse advocacy groups have joined a case surrounding mustangs that have strayed onto private lands. Read More

Southern Arkansas University Police Seek Horse Thieves

The thieves made off several horses from the stables at the school's Magnolia campus earlier this week. Read More

Not Guilty Plea Entered in New York Cruelty Case

A woman accused of maltreating horses on her Saratoga County property has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Read More

South Carolina Horse Shooting Investigated

Authorities are seeking those responsible for the shooting death of a horse in Anderson County last month. Read More