Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

More Charges Filed in Maryland Neglect Case

A Maryland farm operator has been charged with additional cruelty counts for allegedly neglecting her horses. Read More

New Ohio Rule Allows Proactive Tail Docking by Veterinarians

Licensed Ohio veterinarians can now dock the tails of horses to prevent injury to the animals under HB 229. Read More

Rescued Hawaiian Wild Donkeys Relocated to California

More than 100 feral donkeys were airlifted from Hawaii to California to find adoptive homes. Read More

Horse Slaughter Supporters, Opponents Face Off Online

Horse processing supporters and opponents have both posted petitions on a government website to gain support. Read More

Pennsylvania Authorities Probe Attacks on Ponies

Authorities are searching for whoever allegedly beat three Shetland ponies and tied one pony to the ceiling. Read More

Seized North Carolina Hackney Pony Dies

A man facing multiple animal cruelty charges could face an additional charge after another of his ponies died. Read More

California Man Dead After Horse Stabbing Incident

California authorities shot and killed a man who threatened deputies after attacking his neighbor's horse. Read More

Reward Offered in Oregon Horse Shooting Case

A $2,500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Read More

BLM to Review Nevada Gather Operations

The BLM will review operations during a Nevada gather that some wild horse advocates say put animals at risk. Read More

Oregon Police Probe Horse Shooting

Oregon authorities are seeking whoever is responsible for shooting a horse while it grazed in a pasture. Read More

Bill would Amend HPA to Include Slaughter Ban

The transport, purchase, possession, or sale of horses for slaughter would be banned if the bill is passed. Read More

New York County Ponders Cruelty Offender Registry

Convicted animal cruelty offenders would be required to register with an offender registry under a new bill. Read More

FAA Investigates Mustang Gather Flyover Incident

Colorado officials are looking into an incident involving a small plane that interrupted a BLM mustang gather. Read More

Judge Backs Pharmacy in Veterinary Drug Compounding Case

The FDA can't prevent Franck's Compounding Laboratory from producing and selling compounded veterinary drugs. Read More

Travel Documents: Know What You Need to Travel with Horses

Find out what veterinary documents you'll need to secure before you travel with horses. Read More

California Horse Abandonment Probed

California animal welfare authorities are seeking whoever abandoned an emaciated horse near a rural road. Read More

Utah Men Charged in BLM Mustang Sale Scheme

Two men are facing charges in connection with a plot to buy wild horses and sell them to horsemeat processors. Read More

Search Continues for New York Thoroughbreds Lost in Flood

The horses' owner hopes aggressive ground searches will help locate the horses displaced in Hurricane Irene. Read More

Senate Bill Could Resume Horsemeat Inspection Funding

A Senator is working to pass a bill that could fund USDA horsemeat inspections at domestic processing plants. Read More

New York Man Charged in Alleged Horse Show Theft Scheme

A New York man is facing multiple charges for allegedly stealing more than $30,000 from a horse show.
Read More

Police Investigate Horse Hair Theft

Massachusetts authorities are seeking whoever is responsible for cutting hair from two Cape Cod horses' tails. Read More

NYPD Mounted Unit Gets 9/11 Anniversary Duty

The New York City Police Department mounted unit will be called upon to observe the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Read More

Charges Filed in Pennsylvania Neglect Case

A farm operator is facing charges in connection with the alleged maltreatment of animals in York county. Read More

USDA Rule Improves Transportation for Slaughter-Bound Horses

Double-decker trailers may not be used to transport slaughter-bound U.S.-based horses to processing plants. Read More

Wildfires: When Evacuation is Not an Option

Tips for horse owners caught in the lines of wildfires when evacuation is not an option. Read More