Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Video Alleges Rodeo Horse Abuse

An animal welfare advocate alleges video taken during the Reno Rodeo show horses being shocked repeatedly. Read More

Texas Horse's Teeth Disfigured

A Texas veterinarian is hoping to determine who engraved an obscenity onto a horse's front teeth and why. Read More

Feds Shut Down Tennessee Horse Transport Operation

The firm was connected to two serious traffic incidents that collectively claimed the lives of four horses. Read More

Wisconsin Horse Shootings Probed

Wisconsin law enforcement authorities are seeking those responsible for shooting two horses in a pasture. Read More

USDA Clarifies Soring Penalty Rule

Individuals suspended for HPA violations by one HIO can still participate in events managed by other HIOs. Read More

N.J. Lawmakers Pass Horse Slaughter Ban Bill

Horse processing plant development is prohibited in New Jersey under a bill passed by the state's legislature. Read More

Virginia Teen Charged in Horse Slashing Incidents

A 17-year-old teen has been charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors in connection with the incidents. Read More

SHOW Levies Penalties on TWH Trainer

Trainer Joe Cotten was suspended for seven and a half years and fined him $5,000 for violating HIO rules. Read More

Walking Horse Group Challenges New Anti-Soring Regulations

The organization claims the new USDA regulations are unconstitutional. Read More

Horses Displaced by Colorado Wildfires

More than 200 horses have been evacuated from a wildfire burning near Manitou Springs, Colo. Read More

Judge Allows BLM to Continue Emergency Mustang Gather

The agency cannot use helicopters to gather animals in non-emergency sectors of the herd management area. Read More

Rabies Found in Georgia Horse; Six People Exposed to Virus

Six people in Georgia are receiving medical treatment after being exposed to a horse with rabies. Read More

Falling Tree Kills Indiana Horse Trail Guide

An Indiana woman has died from injuries sustained when a falling tree struck her during a guided trail ride. Read More

Amendment Strips USDA Horsemeat Inspection Funding

The amendment restricts funding for USDA inspections at U.S. horse processing plants in 2013. Read More

HSUS Offers Cash Reward to HPA Violation Tipsters

Up to $10,000 could be awarded for information leading to the arrest and conviction of HPA violators. Read More

Lawsuit Seeks Halt to Nevada Mustang Gather

The petitioner said she filed the suit after attempts to resolve gather-related issues with the BLM failed. Read More

Truck Driver Cited in Tennessee Horse Trailer Incident

A Kentucky man is facing charges after the horse trailer he was driving collapsed in Tennessee last week. Read More

Mustang Advocates: Gather Jeopardizes Pregnant Mares, Foals

The BLM started the emergency roundup because persistent drought conditions diminished food and water supplies Read More

Guilty Plea Entered in Tennessee Walking Horse Soring Case

Jeff Dockery has pleaded guilty in high-profile Tennessee Walking Horse abuse case. Read More

Missouri Horse Slaughter Plant Proposed

The group that canceled development of a horse processing plant in Mountain Grove, Mo., eyes Rockville. Read More

USDA Rule Requires Minimum Soring Penalties

The USDA rule that implements minimum penalties for soring horses takes effect July 29. Read More

Reward Offered in Indiana Horse Shooting Case

The 8-year-old Standardbred mare was shot with a captive bolt gun and killed while she grazed in her field. Read More

More Charges Filed in SAU Stolen Horse Case

Wendi Cox and William "Billy" Hamilton, Jr., are both facing charges in connection with the case. Read More

Florida Mare Found Butchered

A Florida mare belonging to a cancer-stricken owner was found dead last month apparently butchered for meat. Read More

Reward Offered in Colorado Horse Abandonment Case

Animal welfare authorities in Colorado hope the offer of a cash reward will lead them to whomever abandoned Read More