Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Six Ways to Help Horses

Are you looking for ways to give horses in your community a hand? Equine experts share suggestions on how to help. Read More

Legislators Make Latest Bid to Ban Horse Processing

The legislation would ban U.S. horse processing plants and prevent the transport of horses to foreign slaughterhouses. Read More

California Men Charged With Shooting at Wild Burros

Three men have been charged with attempting to shoot wild burros in a residential area of Moreno Valley. Read More

Walking Horse Herd Removed from Tennessee Farm

More than 50 Tennessee Walking Horses are receiving care after being removed from allegedly deplorable conditions. Read More

New Jersey Woman Accused of Horseman's Association Theft

Catherine L. Brady allegedly took more than $68,000 from the Delaware Valley Horseman's Association. Read More

Washington State Barn Fire Kills Two Horses

A Miniature Horse died in the blaze, while another horse was euthanized the next day due to burns sustained in the fire. Read More

Haws' Animal Cruelty Charges Upheld

The charges stem from a 2014 probe that revealed nearly a dozen dead horses dead on Shamus Haws' Magna, Utah, property. Read More

Veterinarians Plead Guilty to Horse Doping Charges

Four veterinarians pleaded guilty to administering drugs to Thoroughbred racehorses within 24 hours of races. Read More

New California Water Restrictions' Impact on Horses

Many owners have implemented water conservation practices at their facilities. Here's how they're faring. Read More

Accused Louisiana Horse Shooter Arrested

A Louisiana man has been arrested for allegedly starving and shooting a pair of horses and maltreating two others. Read More

Accused Pennsylvania Vets Lose Racing Commission Licenses

The veterinarians are accused of administering drugs to horses within 24 hours of when the animals were slated to race. Read More

New York Woman Charged in Horse Theft

Wendy J. Holcomb has been charged for stealing a horse from a Hebron, New York, farm. Read More

Illinois Horse Shooter Sought

Illinois authorities are seeking whoever shot a horse grazing in a Woodford County pasture. Read More

Is My Horse's Feed Safe?

Learn what steps you can take to help ensure your horse's feed is safe for him to consume. Read More

U.S. House Panel to Probe Whitfied Ethics Complaint

Rep. Ed Whitfield allegedly failed to prevent his wife from lobbying his staff on Tennessee Walking Horse welfare. Read More

Double-Decker Horse Transport Bill Introduced

The bill stems from a deadly 2007 incident involving the crash of a double-decker trailer carrying Belgian draft horses. Read More

Veterinarians Charged With Drugging Racehorses

Four vets are facing criminal charges for allegedly administering drugs to Thoroughbreds within 24 hours of races. Read More

Wanted Alabama Man Escapes on Horseback

An Alabama man wanted on a pair of criminal warrants escaped arrest by fleeing on horseback. Read More

Plan to Manage Nevada's Virginia Range Herd Finalized

Return to Freedom will manage more than 1,500 horses residing on the Virginia Range in western Nevada. Read More

Convicted Wisconsin Couple Dies in Murder-Suicide

David and Paula White were found dead on the same day they were convicted of mistreating dozens of horses. Read More

Alabama Authorities Probe Horse Shooting

Alabama authorities are investigating a shooting that left a Mobile County horse dead. Read More

Louisiana Horses Shot in Barn

Two Louisiana horses are dead after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds and authorities are seeking those responsible. Read More

Horses' Remains Found in Florida

Authorities are seeking whoever butchered two horses and left their remains at a roadside in Lee County, Florida. Read More

Arizona Men Charged in Horse Shooting

Two Arizona men are in custody after being charged with animal cruelty for allegedly shooting a horse multiple times. Read More

Kentucky Legislators Pass Estray Animal Bill

The bill will reduce the number of days counties must keep estray animals, including horses, in their custody. Read More