Pat Raia

Pat Raia is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering equine welfare, industry, and news. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, Sonny.

Articles by Pat Raia

Charges Against Virginia Horse Rescue Dropped

New Beginnings Horse Rescue operator Cassy Newell-Reed had been charged with three counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. Read More

Borell Pleads Not Guilty to Cruelty Charges

Chuck Borell, accused of maltreating more than 40 horses in Mercer County, Kentucky, has pleaded not guilty. Read More

New Lawsuit Alleges Horse Feed was Tainted

Two horse owners allege that feed manufacturer ADM knowingly sold and distributed horse-feed tainted with monensin. Read More

Suit Seeks Halt to BLM Wild Horse Spaying Plan

A wild horse advocacy group filed a lawsuit to stop the BLM from surgically sterilizing mares from an Oregon herd. Read More

Hundreds of Horses Displaced by California Wildfire

More than 300 horses and other animals were evacuated ahead of a raging wildfire in Los Angeles County. Read More

USDA Proposes HPA Enforcement Rule Change

The proposed change would ban action devices and require training for veterinarians conducting compliance inspections. Read More

Large Reward Offered in New Mexico Barn Fire Case

Authorities hope a $10,000 cash reward will help identify who is responsible for a barn fire that killed four horses. Read More

Kentucky Agriculture Officials to Study Equine Welfare Laws

Officials will explore ways it can help counties expedite how they carry out equine cruelty investigations. Read More

Lightning Strike Kills Horse at North Carolina Trailhead

A lightning strike is being blamed for death of a horse tied to a trailer at a popular trail riding destination. Read More

Investigation to Prosecution: Making an Equine Cruelty Case

Proving a case is legitimate, then levying charges and prosecuting those responsible, takes time and cooperation. Read More

Apparently Abandoned Horse Found in Arizona

The horse was transported to a veterinary facility to receive rehabilitative care. Read More

Horses Returned to Virginia Rescue

A Virginia judge has returned more than 40 horses to a rescue operated by a woman accused of animal cruelty. Read More

House Committee Rules on Rep. Ed Whitfield Ethics Probe

Whitfield violated House rules, though unintentionally, by allowing his wife to lobby for anti-soring legislation. Read More

Reward Offered in Missing Texas Horse Case

Authorities are searching for a 3-year-old palomino horse reported missing on June 13. Read More

Charges Filed in 40-Horse Seizure Case in Virginia

Authorities also found the carcasses of four horses on the Nottoway County property. Read More

Horse Dies in Massachusetts Barn Fire

Firefighters were able to rescue 11 of the 12 horses that were in the barn at the time of the fire. Read More

Kentucky Man Charged in Horse Abandonment Case

Chuck Borell was charged with 43 animal cruelty counts; a warrant has been issued for the arrest of his daughter Maria. Read More

Kentucky Authorities Probe Horses' Alleged Abandonment

Officials found more than 40 apparently abandoned horses, mostly Thoroughbreds, in Mercer County in early June. Read More

Minnesota Veterinarian Brings Equine Science to Mongolia

A vet and his team are challenging tradition and skepticism to bring modern veterinary medicine to remote horse herders. Read More

More Than 200 Horses Displaced by California Wildfires

Most of the evacuated horses are residing at the Fairplex fairgrounds, while some are stabled at Santa Anita Park. Read More

HSUS Launches Racehorse Advisory Council

The new advisory council is designed to promote higher welfare standards for the horse racing industry. Read More

Montana Horse Rescue Operator Pleads

Dalene Rindal pleaded no contest to charges connected to the seizure of 29 horses from her rescue farm two years ago. Read More

Rescued Horse 'Lily' Dies

The mare abandoned at an auction before being adopted by Jon and Tracey Stewart died after being injured in a fall. Read More

Lightning Strike Blamed for Michigan Barn Fire

A mare and her foal were killed in the in blaze in Gilead Township. Read More

California Tainted Feed Lawsuit Refiled

The lawsuit seeks damages for owners whose horses ingested feed allegedly tainted with monensin. Read More