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Equine Influenza Virus Transmitted to Canines

Scientists Unsure if Horses Could be Re-infected

Researchers recently identified a highly contagious canine influenza virus strain that is thought to be an adaptation of an equine flu strain, which was transferred from Read More

Kentucky Considered for 2010 World Games

The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. is one of three locations being considered to host the 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG). The Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI, the governing body for international equestrian sport), will announc Read More

EEE Confirmed in Michigan Horses and Deer

Four cases of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) were recently confirmed in two neighboring west Michigan counties, and another in the northeast corner of the Michigan's Lower Peninsula. The disease was also confirmed in three of seven Read More

Two Horses Shot in Oregon; One Dies

"It's just the biggest heartbreak you can imagine," said Doris Mataya, owner of Laddie, a 14-month-old registered Paint colt and his pregnant dam, Lady. The two horses were shot multiple times in Mataya's pasture between midnight and 7 a.m. on Read More

Study Compares Castration Methods

Even considering the higher potential for complications, castrations performed in the field are still less expensive (including complications) than sterile procedures performed in a hospital setting, according a United Kingdom study.

The Read More

Owners Need to Claim Horses at Lamar-Dixon

Officials at the Lamar-Dixon Expo facility in Gonzales, La. asked owners to claim their horses before Oct. 1. As of Sept. 30, Lamar-Dixon still housed more than 200 horses rescued from the New Orleans area.
Horses not claimed before Read More

California Fires Force Horse Evacuations

Smoke rising from wildfires in Los Angeles County, Calif., provided an uneasy backdrop for the teams of rescuers tending to animal evacuees housed at Pierce College, just eight miles from the fires. At one time the college housed more than 210 Read More

Texas: Evacuations Minimized Rita's Impact

Early evacuations of the Texas Gulf Coast significantly reduced Hurricane Rita’s impact on the state’s livestock industry. According to the Texas Animal Health Commission, more than 10,000 head of livestock, mostly horses, were evacuated to Read More

Idaho County Added to Kentucky VS Embargo

The first case of vesicular stomatitis (VS) was confirmed Sept 26 in Bear Lake County, Idaho. That county, along with Alamosa County, Colo., and Platte County, Wyo., were added to the list of states from which the Kentucky Department of Read More

Texas Horses Evacuate

As Hurricane Rita begins to make landfall, evacuees are stuck in gridlock traffic. In some areas traveling a single mile can take up to four hours. And these folks are seeking shelter for their animals.

"The traffic is maddening," said Read More

Texas Prepares for Rita

With the Hurricane Rita preparing to make landfall, many pet owners are scrambling to find refuge for their animals. The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) in response has placed a list of holding areas for those evacuating the Hurricane's Read More

Louisiana Rescue Horse Shoeing Task Force

The American Farrier's Association (AFA) President Craig Trnka, CJF announced the formation of the Louisiana Rescue Horse Shoeing Task Force created to provide care for the horses affected by the recent hurricanes, according to a press Read More

First Equine WNV Case Reported in Virginia

Virginia health officials confirmed the state’s first case of equine West Nile virus (WNV) on Sept. 19. The affected 12-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, located in Albemarle County, is currently recovering. The owners had been told when they Read More

Three Counties added to Kentucky VS Embargo

Cases of vesicular stomatitis (VS) were confirmed for the first time this year in Routt County, Colo., Weber County, Utah, and Park County, Wyo., prompting the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) to add these counties to the state’s Read More

Louisiana Convoy Put on Hold

With Hurricane Rita heading for the Gulf Coast, a convoy of feed, hay, and medical supplies from Shreveport, La., destined for Tangipahoa Parish and Plaquemine Parish, has been put on hold until further notice. The convoy of 15-20 trucks and Read More

Katrina Increases Mosquito Population

Katrina Increases Mosquito Population; WNV Outbreak Not Expected

The mosquito population of the Hurricane Katrina-affected areas is expected to increase at a staggering rate, according to Joe Conlon, American Mosquito Control Association Read More

New England States Report Cases of EEE

Three New England states have confirmed nine cases of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) in horses this year, and none of the horses survived. This suggests that horse owners should take further measures to protect horses against this deadly Read More

Kentucky Revises VS Embargo

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) has revised its vesicular stomatitis (VS) embargo on livestock (including horses) by adding Davis County, Utah and Moffat County, Colo., where additional cases of VS were reported during the first wee Read More

Neurologic EHV-1 Case Confirmed at University of Wisconsin

The Hoofer Equestrian Center (HEC) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (UWM), voluntarily quarantined its lower barn on Feb. 8 after two horses housed there showed neurologic signs of equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1). Both horses were later Read More