Michelle N. Anderson, TheHorse.com Digital Managing Editor

Michelle Anderson serves as The Horse's digital managing editor. In her role, she produces content for our web site and hosts our live events, including Ask the Vet Live. A lifelong horse owner, Anderson competes in dressage and enjoys trail riding. She's a Washington State University graduate (Go Cougs!) and holds a bachelor's degree in communications with a minor in business administration and extensive coursework in animal sciences. She has worked in equine publishing since 1998. She currently lives with her husband on a small horse property in Central Oregon.

Articles by Michelle N. Anderson

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First 2014 Case of WNV in Kentucky Reported

The affected horse, a 5-year-old located in Calloway County, was euthanized on Sept. 2. Read More

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Horse Grooming Tips and Tools

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Recognizing Pain on a Horse's Face

European researchers created and validated a technique for quantifying horse pain based on facial expressions. Read More

Relieving Laminitis Pain in the Field

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Anesthetizing Horses in the Field for an Hour or More

Learn how veterinarians safely anesthetize horses in the field for 60 minutes or longer. Read More

How Vets can Treat 'Untouchable' Horses

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Horse Racing Medication Regulations Reviewed

Medication regulations for racehorses are changing. Here's what you need to know. Read More

Best Practices for 20 Minutes of Equine Field Anesthesia

Short-term anesthesia for procedures lasting fewer than 20 minutes is common field work in equine medicine. Read More

Treating Soft Tissue Injuries in Racehorses

Achieving a sustainable racing career following tendon or ligament injuries remains a challenge, one vet says. Read More

Study: Sellers Use Head Set to Advertise Training Level

What can headsets tell you about the horse and its level of training? Researchers sought to find out. Read More

Researchers Go In Search of the Perfect Passage

Are top dressage horses routinely performing the "perfect passage" as defined by the FEI? Read More

10 Biosecurity Tips from Top Equine Health Experts

Protecting your horse from infectious disease needn't require storing him in a protective bubble. Read More

Horse Halter Options 101

Here are a few of the halter options you’ll have to choose from at the tack store or in horse-wear catalogs. Read More

Horses' Shade Preferences Evaluated

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Smart Textiles: Future Use in Equine Research

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Renal Replacement Therapy: A Future Option for Horses?

Researchers are exploring the use of renal replacement therapy to help horses with acute renal failure. Read More

Mirror, Mirror . . . I See My Horse Looking Back at Me

Two studies investigated whether women see horses as self-objects and how perceptions change as women age. Read More

TheHorse.com Adds Trail Riding Blog

The blog is geared toward recreational riders and will focus on land use, safety, and trail horse health. Read More

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