Sally Eckhoff

Sally Eckhoff is a horse trainer/literary critic in upstate New York, and she has authored a book on working horses, mules, and oxen in the 21st Century.

Articles by Sally Eckhoff

AHC Offers 2008 Federal Election Guide

The American Horse Council has released "Getting Involved in the 2008 Elections," a federal election guide for the horse industry.

The guide stemmed from the July program at the AHC's National Issues Forum in Washington, D.C., explaining ho Read More

Big Feet, Big Shoes

Whether you're a heavy horse fancier or not, a big hitch of fancy draft horses is an arresting sight. But what's the connection between all this flash and the ideal function of a heavy horse? Show ring insiders say you're seeing an animal Read More

Bute, Colitis, and Ulcers

The equine esophagus extends into the first one-third of the stomach, making horses susceptible to acid reflux disease. Naturally present bacteria can colonize in ulcers, and the stomach acid can keep them from healing. Read More