Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief

Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief, received a B.A. in Journalism and Equestrian Studies from Averett College in Danville, Virginia. A Pony Club and 4-H graduate, her background is in eventing, and she is schooling her recently retired Thoroughbred racehorse, Happy, toward a career in that discipline. She also enjoys traveling, photography, cycling, and cooking in her free time.

Articles by Stephanie L. Church

Equine Infectious Anemia Confirmed in Ireland

Agriculture authorities have confirmed Ireland's first recorded cases of equine infectious anemia (EIA). Ireland's Department of Agriculture and Food announced Thursday (June 15) that the disease was detected in a "small number of horses" in the Read More

Rabies Vaccine Recall Shouldn't Affect Horses

Vaccine manufacturer Fort Dodge Animal Health recalled about 330,000 doses of rabies vaccine recently after a vaccinated dog became ill with rabies. Horses are not likely affected by the recall.

"It's a product that's labeled for equine Read More

Riding Ranks Tenth in List of Sports with Most Injuries

Loyola University Health System reported this week that basketball tops the list of sports associated with the most injuries, with more than 512,000 basketball-related injuries landing individuals in U.S. emergency rooms in 2005. Horseback ridin Read More

Remnants of Alberto Soak Eastern States; Minimal Livestock Problems in Florida

The National Weather Service issued its final advisory on Tropical Depression Alberto this afternoon (June 14) at 5:00 p.m. Remnants of Alberto were "quickly moving northeastward along the Atlantic seaboard," and resulting rains were posing the Read More

Equine WNV Case Detected in Wyoming

Today's online edition of the Casper Star-Tribune reports that Wyoming has logged its first animal case o Read More

Florida Horse Rescued from Creek

It took more than 35 people to extract a 1,600-pound Hanoverian from a creek yesterday morning (June 6) near Orlando, Fla. The 17.1-hand gelding had been trapped in the 25-foot-wide miry creek with slippery banks for at least three hours when he Read More

Mule Clones Win First Heat; Lose in Finals

The world's first cloned mule, Idaho Gem, and his cloned brother, Idaho Star, won their qualifying heats in races on Saturday. The next day, they ran third and seventh, respectively. The races, which were held in Winnemucca, Nev., were the first Read More

HSUS Makes Statement on Cloning

On March 30, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reacted to the announcement of two successful commercial cloning ventures and additional clones that were expected to be born this spring. (See Read More

Detecting Animal Diseases that Could Affect Humans

An upcoming Ohio conference is aimed at helping public health officials earlier detect and recognize emerging diseases in animal populations that could affect humans. The June 16 meeting, "Public Health Surveillance Using a One-Medicine Read More

Barbaro in Recovery: Active, Inquisitive, Agile

"He's pretty agile," said Dean W. Richardson, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, chief of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center, referring to his well known patient, Barbaro, whose fractured leg he repaired on Sunday afternoon. "He's done Read More

Hurricane Pony Receives Prosthetic Limb, Helps Kids

Molly, a 15-year-old Appaloosa pony, survived Hurricane Katrina when it hit Louisiana. She was rescued from her pasture near New Orleans after the storm and given a new home with Pony Paradise. However, Molly's storm tragedy didn't end there; a Read More

Found Horses--Missing Owners

According to Stolen Horse International, horses sometimes appear under mysterious circumstances. The animals could have been seized by authorities because of abuse, they might have been rescued, they could have escaped their fields, or Read More

Cloning Success Rates Increase for Horses

Three years after the birth of the first cloned mule and horse, scientists are reporting improvements in the number of viable cloned equine embryos that are carried to term. A Texas A&M University (TAMU) researcher says that five clones of Read More

Texas Fires Kill Horses, Cattle

Quenching rains over the weekend of March 18 slowed the progress of Texas panhandle fires that consumed more than 800,000 acres of land and killed an estimated 10,000 head of livestock in less than a week. At least 30 horses in the McLean area o Read More

African Horse Sickness Outbreak in South Africa

South African horse owners and veterinarians are managing an outbreak of African horse sickness (AHS) in the George area of southern South Africa, in the southeast region of the Western Cape. As of Feb. 28, 13 horses had died. Current outbreaks Read More

$2.5 Million Research Initiative Draws 27 Pre-Proposals

The announcement of a $2.5-million equine health consortium initiative was met with great enthusiasm, says Kristin Benjamin, vice president of scientific programs and advancement for Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) in Englewood, Colo. Twenty-seve Read More

Carriage Company Rebuilds

The horses and mules rescued last September from the flooded stables of Charbonnet Mid-City Carriages ushered in Valentine's Day in Baton Rouge and Mardi Gras in New Orleans to the delight of many residents in hurricane-stricken Louisiana. Read More

Herpesvirus Situation Ends in Maryland

Equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) outbreaks in Maryland drew to a close on March 8, after the Maryland Department of Agriculture lifted hold orders on the detention barn at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore and an isolation barn at the Bowie Training Read More

First Commercially Cloned Mares Born

On March 30, scientists announced the birth of the first commercially cloned mare created from the cells of champion cutting horse Royal Blue Boon. The filly, Royal Blue Boon Too, was carried to term by a recipient mare and born on Feb. 19 at Read More

More African Horse Sickness; Lift of EU Ban Could be Delayed

According to a report on, an online publication in South Africa, African horse sickness Read More

Human WNV Vaccine Tested

A team of U.S. and U.K. researchers have shown that an experimental West Nile virus (WNV) vaccine shows promise in protecting humans from the arbovirus. The study abstract appeared online April 14 in the early edition of the Proceedings of Read More

Two Colorado Quarter Horses Reported Stolen

Stolen Horse International reported today (April 18) that two Quarter Horses were stolen from Meeker, Colo. on Saturday, April 15. The horses were kept at a ranch on Highway 64, west of Meeker, and the theft was reported to the Rio Read More

Ohio Health Officials Begin WNV Surveillance Season

According to the online edition of the Bucyrus Telegraph Forum (, the Ohio Department of Health began accepting dead bird submissions today Read More

Oregon Man Sentenced for Horse Dragging

The McMinnville, Ore. News-Register reports online that a Carlton, Ore., man admitted last week to wrapping a chain around the legs of a down horse and dragging it with a tractor. The man has been sentenced to 200 hours of community Read More

Protect Against EEE in Florida

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Animal Industry sent an e-mail to Florida practitioners last week reminding them to make sure horse owners safeguard against Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), and reminded Read More