Charlene Strickland

Award-winning writer Charlene Strickland lives in Bosque Farms, N.M. She has published 8 books and over 600 magazine articles, and is a member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists.

Articles by Charlene Strickland

Slings for Horses--Getting A Lift

Rescuers can employ equine-specific manufactured slings, or fabricate a temporary sling from rope or a fire hose. A sling gives rescuers mechanical advantage--it can help them move a horse up an inclined plane (dragging up a ramp) or get a horse out Read More

The Educated Equestrian

How can you become a better, more informed rider, owner, breeder, manager, groom, conformation judge, health spotter, tack fitter, and just all-around horse person? By allowing yourself the time to learn. Many horse owners take Read More

AI Training For Stallions

Given the choice, a stallion wouldn't choose to mate with man-made devices. His instincts drive him to breed a mare; yet he can learn to transfer his sexual focus to a "phantom" mare and an artificial vagina (AV). In order to train a stallion fo Read More

Trailers Built For The Long Haul

Just like a horse, a sound trailer requires sturdy construction and fluid movement. This enables your trailer to sustain years of use from horses and withstand hazards on the highway. A better-built trailer can endure impact, vibration, and weather Read More

AHSA Meeting Report

At the 84th annual meeting of the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA), the welfare of the horse was a recurring theme. Members debated issues affecting competition horses, and expanded the involvement of horse breeders in the association.

Locating the Ideal Barn

Ranch, farm, field, or barn? When your horse needs a home away from your home, you want to board him in a safe, pleasant place. You might be dissatisfied with your current arrangement, have moved into a new area, or just can't Read More

Pony Power!

Tough. Powerful. Clever. The genuine pony displays the traits of centuries of pony progenitors, distinguishing himself from small horse breeds. In general, the pony is the same animal as the horse, yet he has many traits that make him unique. Read More

Equine-Related Human Injuries

Like bicycles, skateboards, and dogs, horses supply fun and risk. Read More

Shop The Used Trailer Lot

Truck, auto, boat, plane--buying used saves money. A pre-owned horse trailer also can offer economy over a new one. To bring home the best buy, learn how to evaluate the condition of a secondhand trailer.

You might find the right Read More

Your Interactive Fence

Interactive is a common word in our language now. It means an immediate and personal response. You click--your computer displays a response. Your horse "clicks" an electric fence, and it shocks him. The interactivity cues the horse to respect th Read More

When Tack Hurts

Your horse can't tell you where tack hurts, but he can express sensation through his movement. Any sort of tack can impact the horse's attitude and well-being. Tack can cause discomfort or pain by undue pressure, or even its presence against skin Read More

Safe Use of Grooming Products

Explore lotions, creams, and ointments, along with grooming tools and beauty wraps you use on your horse. Read More

Reading Pedigrees

The horse you see--or the foal you envision--reflects generations of ancestors. Owners of those ancestors made decisions on mating horses, planning each generation. They selected animals by examining the successes of previous horsemen, as Read More

Bits: Protect Your Horse's Mouth

Learn more about how bits work, common bit construction, and choosing the right bit for your horse. Read More

They've Got The Beat: Gaited Horses

Every horse moves forward, and gaited horses ease the journey onward. By moving their legs in a four-beat lateral gait, these horses produce a smooth ride. Their locomotion pattern varies from horses which trot in a diagonal Read More

Summer Haircoat Tips

A guide to ensure your horse's hair coat stays healthy all summer long. Read More

Focus On Discipline: Polo

Gallop gallop gallop thwack! The polo pony (actually a full-sized horse) carries the player to the ball which the rider hits in the line of play. In this fast-paced game the horse and rider partner to play as a single unit. Each Read More

Equestrian Discipline: Pure Pleasure

His job is fun. The pleasure horse doesn't work hard or fast, like competitors in jumping, reining, or racing. But when he treks up the trail or circles the show ring, he's supplying his rider with an essential ingredient--the feel of a good horse. Read More

Foreign Travel Tips

Travel can broaden your horizons, but crossing international borders can stress horses and owners. The process becomes complex with travel on land, sea, or air. Required quarantines, longer distances, and tests for import and export Read More

Equestrian Discipline: Driving

Driving can be an alternative career for a riding horse, but it can be dangerous for horses and humans. Read More

Focus On Discipline: Eventing

The French call it the concours complet, or the complete test. Eventing questions the mental and physical qualities of horse and rider as the pair perform in the ring and across the landscape.

Classically, eventing covers three Read More

Focus on Discipline: Reining

Ridin' and slidin' -- the reining horse runs a precise pattern at speed. This equine athlete excels at galloping full out, screeching to a sliding stop, and whirling in a high-speed pirouette. He responds to his rider instantly, at the touch of Read More

Focus on Discipline: Harness Racing

Two-beat speed is the standard in this equestrian sport. At the pace or trot, horses of the Standardbred breed compete in harness, while pulling a two-wheel sulky. Drivers urge their horses to race to the wire. Harness horses have competed in th Read More

Shopping for the Barn

Stocking your barn involves a variety of purchases, beginning Day 1 and continuing over the years. Besides the obvious furnishings of feeding and watering accessories, your interior can include such items as stall gates, saddle and bridle racks, Read More

Stereotypic Behaviors

Chomp! Incisors lock onto the edge of the board, and the horse arches his neck as he inhales. You've caught a cribber. Read More