Kim and Kari Baker

Kim and Kari Baker are equine photographers as well as writers. The twins live on a ranch in northwest Montana and have been in the equine industry for more than 35 years, raising, showing, and training Appaloosas.

Articles by Kim and Kari Baker

Practical Equine Medications

When medicating a horse, always know the drug's function, how it works, and its intended use. Read More

Bringing Home a New Horse

Bringing home a newly purchased horse can be a stressful event for you and the horse, particularly for the horse. While you might feel a certain amount of stress, your new horse will be experiencing it twofold. After all, he's the one that has been Read More

Ward Off Winter

If you live where you have changing seasons, winter is a challenge. While you might be partial to winter weather and the recreational pleasures it provides, you probably also appreciate the many problems it creates for you at the Read More

Fitting the Saddle to the Withers

Were we to select the perfect withers for our mounts with the idea of arranging the best possible fit for the saddle, we would probably settle on well-placed, prominent withers that blended nicely into the slope of the shoulder and the back. Read More

Drugs and Competition

The use of drugs in the competition horse carries with it some extra concerns and responsibilities. Many of the major issues related to drug use in the performance horse involve the treatment of lameness. It is imperative that the moral and Read More