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Equine Lymphosarcoma

Most affected horses die or are euthanized within months of developing clinical signs. Here's what you should know. Read More

Diagnosing Glanders in Germany

In 2014 a horse in that country tested positive for glanders, which initiated a discussion about testing methods. Read More

Blister Beetles and Alfalfa: A Potentially Lethal Mix

Don't get caught unaware. Ingesting just a handful of these beetles could kill your horse within 72 hours. Read More

International Equine Disease Report, Third Quarter 2015

Confirmed diseases include vesicular stomatitis, herpesvirus, influenza, Getah virus, and strangles, among others. Read More

Disaster Education From Extension Programs

Horse owners should rely on information refereed by experts and civic authorities for validity during disasters. Read More

Anhidrosis: What to Remember

Horses with anhidrosis don't produce an adequate amount of sweat. Here's what to know about this condition. Read More

International Equine Disease Report, Second Quarter 2015

Reported diseases include vesicular stomatitis, equine infectious anemia, strangles, influenza, herpesvirus, and more. Read More

Manifestations of Equine Herpesvirus-1

Learn how the respiratory, reproductive, and neurologic forms of equine herpesvirus-1 can impact your horse. Read More

Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis Update

With a mortality rate of 90% in horses, EEE is a serious mosquito-borne disease. Read More

Getah Virus: Significance as an Equine Pathogen

A 2014 outbreak at a Japanese racing stable re-awakened awareness of Getah virus and its threat to horses. Read More

Working Equids: The Impact of Infectious Disease

Despite the enormous positive impact of these horses and donkeys, their health isn't always a top priority for owners. Read More

Economic Impacts of Vesicular Stomatitis Outbreaks

The economic impacts of 2014 vesicular stomatitis outbreak were felt within the equine industry at multiple levels. Read More

Equine Tyzzer's Disease Update

Tyzzer's disease primarily affects foals' livers, causing necrotizing hepatitis (liver disease). Read More

Stay Weather-Aware at Events

Learn how to remain weather-aware and ensure people and horses are in safe places before severe weather strikes. Read More

Atopic Dermatitis in Horses

Learn how to treat this skin condition in show horses without inadvertently breaking drug rules. Read More

International Equine Disease Report, First Quarter 2015

Reported diseases include equine herpesvirus, strangles, equine viral arteritis, contagious equine metritis, and more Read More

Global Horse Transportation Issues

Long-distance travel has potential complications for horses including colic, injury, and shipping fever. Read More

Hospital-Acquired Infections in Horses

Infections can be reduced by recognizing the risk and having appropriate cleaning, disinfection, and hygiene protocols. Read More

Re-emergent Equine Diseases

Early recognition of emerging and re-emerging diseases is of paramount importance if their impact is to be minimized. Read More

Equine Urinary Disease

Renal (kidney) disease and acute kidney injury with other disease processes can increase morbidity and mortality. Read More

International Equine Disease Report, Fourth Quarter 2014

Diseases diagnosed include herpesvirus, tetanus, strangles, piroplasmosis, West Nile virus, and more. Read More

Kentucky Equine Market Continues to Show Improvement

Horses have been one of the signature sectors of Kentucky's agricultural economy for many years. Read More

Preparing Horse Farms for Winter Weather Disasters

Plan ahead to keep family, employees, and horses safe in a winter weather disaster. Read More

Heaves, COPD, RAO, or Simply Equine Asthma?

What's the difference between heaves, COPD, RAO, and equine asthma? Dr. Laurent Couetil explains. Read More

Interpreting Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays

Learn about polymerase chain reaction assays, how they work, and how veterinarians interpret their results. Read More