Sue McDonnell, PhD, Certified AAB

Sue M. McDonnell, PhD, is a certified applied animal behaviorist and the founding head of the equine behavior program at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine. She is also the author of numerous books and articles about horse behavior and management.

Articles by Sue McDonnell

Horses That Are Bonded

I've read that uneven numbers aren't good due to pair bonding. Is this true? Read More

Trailer Troubles

Do you have any recommendations for how we can help a horse overcome a trailer loading problem? Read More

What's In a Yawn?

Is yawning an indicator of stress in horses? Read More

Trailer Loading Lessons

What techniques I should use during a trailer loading lesson with a naive filly? Read More

Recognizing Humans

Is it common for horses to respond differently to different people in the same situation? Read More

Can Horses Think Through Problems?

Do horses have the capability to think through a problem, like unlatching a gate? Read More

Age to Breed a Colt

Our coming 2-year-old acts like he is ready to breed. How young is too young to breed a colt? Read More

Water Bucket Blues

Why do horses tip water buckets, defecate in waterers, and/or dip hay in their water? Read More

Separation Anxiety In Horses

Learn what predisposes certain horses to separation anxiety and what we can do to prevent it. Read More

Controlling Cribbing in Horses

How can I work with a cribber so he can stop wearing his cribbing collar? Read More

Biting and Snapping Pony

How should I handle a pony that tries to attack people when they enter his stall? Read More

Trailer Unloading Problems

Why does my horse bolt out of the back of the trailer as soon as we start to open the back gate? Read More

Drinking Water Temperature

Why might our horses drink from an ice cold creek or tank rather than from the heated water buckets? Read More

Rolling in Dirt

Almost every time we let our horses out of the stalls after feeding them, they roll. Why? Read More

Can't Catch My Horse

Learn how to deal with a horse or pony that doesn't like to be caught in the pasture. Read More

A True Gelding?

Many true geldings retain stallion-like behaviors. Read More

Incompatible Horses: Bickering Minis

Do your have any recommendations on how to handle two incompatible Miniature Horses? Read More

Grumpy Joggers

Both of my well-mannered mares try to nip at me when trotting in-hand. Is there a reason why horses do this? Read More

Water Crossing Confidence

Why do horses act so suspicious of water they cross regularly, and what can we do to build their confidence? Read More

Rehabbing the Bolter

Will forming a bond with my horse help keep him from bolting when riding in the arena and around the paddocks? Read More

Spinning and Twirling Behavior

Could a horse who loves spinning things be autistic? Read More

Older Creature Comforts

I'm concerned about my senior horse's mental happiness. How can I keep him comfortable and happy? Read More

Safe Horse Handling for Vet Visits

What's the best way to handle a horse so he remains calm and well-behaved during vet and farrier visits? Read More

Castrated and Confused

Is it normal to have a gelding burro, not just mount, but actually try to mate with a jenny? Read More

Stall Walking

I just bought a mare only to find out she is a stall walker. Is there a fix for stall walkers? Read More