Sue McDonnell, PhD, Certified AAB

Sue M. McDonnell, PhD, is a certified applied animal behaviorist and the founding head of the equine behavior program at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine. She is also the author of numerous books and articles about horse behavior and management.

Articles by Sue McDonnell

Calming a Mustang Stud

Last fall I adopted a wild mustang stud. Would gelding him help calm his wild attitude? Read More

Why is My Horse So Grumpy?

Why does my horse pin her ears all the time, but she doesn't kick or bite and seems to like attention? Read More

Tranquilizers for Riding

Should tranquilizers be used to help calm a horse down so it can be ridden? Read More

Horse Won't Cross Railroad Tracks

My horse is great about nearly everything, but he will not cross railroad tracks. What can I do to help him? Read More

Antsy About Urinating

My 6-year-old OTTB gets very nervous and dances around whenever he has to pee. What might cause this behavior? Read More

Happy and Unhappy Horses at Home

Has any research been done regarding what horses might like and dislike about their homes? Read More

Mare Expelled

My gelding will not let my mare get close to the other horses. What can I do to help them happily coexist? Read More

Foaling Location

Why would a mare prefer to foal in a field versus in a foaling stall or in the barn? Read More

Breeding Dummy Design

Are there size recommendations for a building a breeding dummy for a Quarter Horse stallion? Read More

Bonding with a Trail Buddy

How quickly can horses bond, and what can be done to help reduce their anxiety when they're separated? Read More

Mare Aggression

My mare is very aggressive toward geldings and will kick out when they're close. Why would she react this way? Read More

Determining Personality

How can a horse purchaser check out elements of a horse's character at the purchase exam? Read More

Rushing a Mare During Breeding

What might be causing a stallion to mount a particular mare early, and what can be done about it? Read More

Feeding Time Pawing

Do you have any suggestions for stopping a horse from pawing while he is eating his grain? Read More

Horses Afraid of Other Species

We were told that it's dangerous to have pigs with horses. Have you ever heard of this? Read More

Rude for Food

How do I change a colt's rude behavior at feeding time without scaring him? Read More

Sudden-Onset Cribbing and Headshaking

My pony started tossing his head and cribbing at about the same time. What could cause this problem? Read More

Fear of Cows

My horse is terrified of cows. Is there anything I can do to help him? Read More

Unpredictable Fear

Learn what "sacking out" is and whether it might work for a mare with unpredictable fear. Read More

The Messy Mare

Why does my mare return to her stall to urinate and defecate when she has a large run and could do so outside? Read More

Horses That Are Bonded

I've read that uneven numbers aren't good due to pair bonding. Is this true? Read More

Trailer Troubles

Do you have any recommendations for how we can help a horse overcome a trailer loading problem? Read More

What's In a Yawn?

Is yawning an indicator of stress in horses? Read More

Trailer Loading Lessons

What techniques I should use during a trailer loading lesson with a naive filly? Read More

Recognizing Humans

Is it common for horses to respond differently to different people in the same situation? Read More