Brett Scott, PhD, Dipl. ACAN

Brett Scott, PhD, Dipl. ACAN, is a professor and extension horse specialist in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University.

Articles by Brett Scott en Español: Alimentando Para Competencia

Alimentar caballos de alto rendimiento es un desafío. Read More

Broodmare Diet Basics

The body condition of a broodmare can affect reproductive performance and milking ability. Recent research has indicated that mares should be kept in a minimum body condition score of 5.5 (see "Selected Body Condition Scores and Descriptions," Read More

Feeding Broodmares

The broodmare goes through three phases of reproduction--early gestation, late gestation, and lactation. Mares in good body condition cycle earlier in the year, require fewer cycles per conception, have a higher pregnancy rate, and are able to Read More

Feeding for Performance

Feeding high-performance horses is a challenge. If nutritional requirements are met appropriately, performance can be improved over those horses which are fed imbalanced diets in irregular amounts. When working with a veterinarian or nutritionis Read More