Maureen Gallatin

Maureen Gallatin is a freelance writer, founder of Horses on a Mission, and author of the inspirational devotional, An Extra Flake.

Articles by Maureen Gallatin

How to Manage Persistent Post-Mating-Induced Endometritis

Persistent uterine lining inflammation in horses can lead to lower pregnancy rates and increased early embryonic losses. Read More

Collecting Ovaries From Deceased Mares for Embryo Production

Traditionally when a mare died, her gene pool often went with her. This isn't always the case these days, however. Read More

Mammary Gland Secretion pH Could Predict Foaling

Prefoaling secretions have a pH of 8.0 to 8.5 which decreases to 6.5 or lower as foaling approaches, researchers found. Read More

Fixing Treatment Aversion in Horses

An equine behaviorist offers tips on managing potentially stressful situations to which horses might react adversely. Read More

Lessons Learned From Recent Equine Disease Outbreaks

Cases of CEM, EHV-1, and more have taught officials how to best prevent and respond to outbreaks. Read More

Evaluating Neonatal Foals and Post-Partum Mares at Foal-Heat

Have a vet ensure your foal is developing well and your mare is ready for her next mating at her foal heat. Read More

Can Sport Horse and Racehorse Practice Be Ethical?

Practice can and should be ethical, but it's not always easy. Pressure applied by trainers or owners can be substantial. Read More

Establishing Health Care Programs for Aging Horses

Recent large-scale surveys suggest clients want their veterinarians to provide more services for geriatric horses. Read More

Understanding Foal Immunity In Utero and Beyond

The science behind immunity is complex, but many aspects are useful in everyday mare and foal management. Read More

How Immunosenescence Impacts Senior Horse Care

Your horse's immune system is aging with him. Here's what to remember when managing your old horses. Read More