Sharon Biggs Waller

Sharon Biggs Waller is a freelance writer for equine ­science and human interest publications. Her work has appeared in several publications and on several websites, and she is a classical dressage instructor.

Articles by Sharon Biggs Waller

Transport Ruling Raises Questions Among U.K. Equine Organizations

The United Kingdom has always been among the world leaders in animal protection, but the latest European Union Regulation on the Protection of Animals during Transport (Jan. 5) has left many U.K. organizations wondering if the ruling has gone fa Read More

Mobile Veterinarians (Mobile Veterinary Equipment)

In the early days of the large animal veterinarian, all medical supplies had to either fit into the back of a small car or a satchel. A bucket of cold water, a rough piece of burlap, and a hard bar of soap were the only things available for washing Read More

Trailer Maintenance, Right on Schedule

We rely on our trailers to transport our horses safely and reliably. So it stands to reason that we should pay close attention to their maintenance and soundness. But in the busy life of the modern equestrian, trailer upkeep can easily be pushed Read More

Badminton Veterinarian Weighs in on Eventing's New Short Course

At the May 4-7 Badminton Horse Trials in England, veterinarians conducted an informal study to assess weight loss of elite eventing horses during the sport's new shortened endurance phase. Preliminary results suggest weights of well-conditioned Read More

Interval Training: A Better Option?

Musculoskeletal injury is the main cause of wastage in Thoroughbred racehorses worldwide, with nearly 30% of all fractures being pelvic and tibial stress fractures. California studies in the late 1990s suggested fast work increased the risk of Read More

Interval Training: A Better Option for Racehorses?

Musculoskeletal injury is the main cause of wastage in Thoroughbred racehorses worldwide, with nearly 30% of all fractures being pelvic and tibial stress fractures. Studies in California in the late 1990s suggested fast work increased the risk o Read More

Animal Health Trust Cuts Made

In November 2005, The Horse reported on studies at the U.K.'s Animal Health Trust Centre for Equine Studies in Newmarket. In December, the research staff changed significantly. For more information see Read More

Cuts Made at the Animal Health Trust

Researchers' departure "a bitter pill to swallow"

In November 2005, The Horse reported on studies underway at the Animal Health Trust's Centre for Equine Studies based in Newmarket in the United Kingdom (Helping Horses Read More

Arena Dust and Human Health

Respiratory health in horses is often a concern, and we work tirelessly to control dust in our horses' working and living environments. Ironically, we give little regard to our own respiratory health in and around the barn. It has long been know Read More

Broken Legs Aren't Death

Looking at a horse's delicate limbs, it's a wonder that those bones can put up with any sort of pressure at all. Equine bones are very tough, but fractures still happen. When they do, even the most stoic of horse owners can feel desperate. But a Read More

Trailer Shopping 101

Fulfilling your equestrian goals without a horse trailer is difficult. Your facility might be the best one going, but to really stretch your wings, it's good to get out in the rest of the world. Even if you're happy staying put, medical emergencies Read More

Importing and Exporting Horses: World Travelers

With the advent of the Internet, cheaper airline travel options, and popularity of foreign breeds, more people are importing and exporting horses between countries. But whether home or abroad, purchasing or selling a horse is seldom simple. Read More

4-1-9 Horse Purchasing Scam

Some scam artists in Nigeria and other West African countries have engineered a particularly nasty Internet scam, known as the 4-1-9 or advance fee fraud scheme. All classified ad web sites have been fair game to the fraudsters, including online Read More

Train Your Horse to Tie Safely

By learning from experienced horse trainers, you can be confident that your horse knows how to tie safely. Read More

Safeguarding Lower Limbs

Since bubble wrapping a horse isn't an option, owners use boots and wraps to try to avoid lower limb injuries. Read More

Putting Up Boundaries (Fencing)

Horses are nomads by nature, with an inclination to travel far and wide searching for forage and water. Along with their wanderlust, horses possess a strong sense of curiosity, and they are constantly investigating their surroundings. Turn a Read More

Fescue Field Management

It is estimated that 35 million acres of United States pasture are planted with tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea), and roughly 700,000 horses graze these fescue pastures. This plant is a cool-season plant, so it grows in cooler climates, Read More

Emergency Shoe Removal

Everyone who owns a shod horse will have that horse lose a shoe at some point. Popped clinches, missing nails, interference from one limb to another, or an overreach can cause a shoe to come off. It might be a nuisance, but the shoe normally Read More

Get A Handle on Your Footing

Good footing is important for optimizing performance and reducing the risk of lameness. The main reason why sport horses retire early is due to osteoarthritis from constant wear and tear of the joints, sometimes from long-term schooling on bad Read More