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The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care is a monthly equine publication providing the latest news and information on the health, care, welfare, and management of all equids.

Articles by The Horse Staff Nominated for Three ESMA Awards

Nominations landed in the Top 10 in Best Use of Facebook, Best Publication, and Most Informative. Read More

Rutgers Horse Management Seminar Scheduled for Feb. 4

"Responsible Horse Ownership in a Tough Economic Climate" will cover a variety of topics important to owners. Read More

New Assistant Director of UC Davis Center for Equine Health

Claudia Sonder, DVM, will assist the director in the oversight and daily management of the CEH facilities. Read More

Cervical Stabilization and S. Neurona Horse Courses Archived

The newest Horse Courses were filmed at the 2011 Advances in Equine Neurological Disease Symposium. Read More

Gelding Clinic to be Held in Kentucky March 10

The Kentucky Horse Park (KHP), located in Lexington, Ky., will play host to a free gelding clinic on March 10. Read More

AQHA Equine Health, Welfare Subcommittee Releases Statement

The Equine Health, Welfare, Integrity, and Research Subcommittee released a statement on welfare in racing. Read More

Cushing's Disease and EMS Horse Course Archived

"Cushing's Disease and Equine Metabolic Syndrome" was presented by three authorities on the topics. Read More

Endometritis in Mares Horse Course Archived

Learn about endometritis, what causes it, and what veterinarians can do to treat the condition. Read More

Horse Health Lecture Series Schedule Announced

Topics include foaling emergencies, equine strangles, hind limb lameness, and diagnosing neurologic horses. Read More

Ask the Vet LIVE on Complementary Therapies Now Archived's Ask the Vet LIVE Q&A event on Complementary Therapies was held on Oct. 26. Read More

Equine Guelph Receives Grant for Biosecurity Initiative

The "Beat the Bugs" program promotes biosecurity throughout all sectors of the horse industry. Read More

Treating Respiratory Diseases Horse Course Archived

The presentation discussed evidence-based approaches to treating airway disease (such as heaves) in horses. Read More

November KENA Meeting Focuses on Equine Law

Joel Turner, chair of the Frost Brown Todd Attorneys, LLC, equine law group, will speak to attendees. Read More

Equine Lameness and Podiatry Lecture Scheduled for Nov. 12

Equine lameness exams, regenerative medicine, podiatry advancements, and case studies will be discussed. Read More

UM Seeks Help in Seasonal Pasture Myopathy Research

Researchers are still working to fully understand this pasture-associated muscle disorder of unknown cause. Read More

Ask the Vet LIVE: Complementary Therapies presents a free Ask the Vet LIVE online Q&A about Complementary Therapies on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Read More

Introduction to Farriery Short Course Scheduled

The University of Maryland Extension has scheduled an Introduction to Farriery Short Course for Dec. 3-4. Read More

Ask the Vet LIVE on Horse Adoption and Rescue Now Archived

The recording from's Ask the Vet LIVE Q&A event on Horse Adoption and Rescue is now available. Read More

Muscle Power Horse Course Archived

The latest Horse Course, "Muscle Power: Muscle Mass in Growing, Athletic Horses," is now available to view. Read More

Ask the Vet LIVE on Avoiding Respiratory Problems Archived's Ask the Vet LIVE event on avoiding respiratory problems in the barn is now archived. Read More

Virginia Tech to Host Equine Anesthesia CE Weekend

The Equine Anesthesia Continuing Education Weekend is scheduled for Oct. 8-9 at the Equine Medical Center. Read More

Georgia Horse Owners Sought for Survey

Georgia horse industry members are asked to participate in the state's first Equine Economic Impact Study. Read More

Ask the Vet LIVE: Horse Adoption and Rescue September 21

Join us for a free Ask the Vet LIVE online Q&A about Horse Adoption and Rescue on Sept. 21, from 8-9 p.m. Read More

Normal Horse Temperature, Heart Rate, Breathing Rate

Quick reference guide on normal temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate in horses. Read More

Equine Malignant Melanoma Horse Course Archived

The latest Horse Course on equine malignant melanoma is now available for viewing on Read More