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The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care is a monthly equine publication providing the latest news and information on the health, care, welfare, and management of all equids.

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Conference on Climate Change and Horses Scheduled

Lecture topics will include infectious diseases and climate change and water conservation, among others. Read More

10 Equine Vaccination and Wellness Resources on

Here are 10 important vaccination and equine wellness resources available for free on Read More

Infographic: Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Learn the risks of equine metabolic syndrome and how to manage horses with this all-too-common disorder. Read More

Biosecurity Tip of the Month: Hay and Feed Storage

Store feed and hay carefully to reduce the number of potentially disease-carrying animals in barns. Read More

Infographic: Feeding Basics

Download and print these feed and turnout information cards for your horse's stall or barn! Read More

Infographic: Respiratory Health

Learn more about equine respiratory-related health conditions with this easy-to-follow visual guide. Read More Launches 100,000 Minutes of Service Campaign is encouraging community members to volunteer 100,000 minutes of service to the equine industry. Read More

10 Equine Nutrition Resources on

Find resources on good nutritional practices to help keep your horses healthy and happy. Read More

Pasture Management 101 Seminar Scheduled

The University of Maryland Extension will host a day-long seminars on horse pasture management on April 12. Read More

Biosecurity Tip of the Month: Water Sources

Your horse needs water when he travels, but some water sources could harbor infectious disease. Read More

Infographic: Rhodococcus equi

R. equi is a serious disease that can cause pneumonia in foals. Learn how to protect your herd. Read More

Infographic: Equine Joint Health Supplements

Learn about equine joint supplements and what might help your horse in our easy-to-follow visual guide. Read More Wins 2014 ESMA Award received first place from the judges for "Best Use of Social Media in the Americas." Read More

Readers Share Advice for Fighting Frozen Water Sources

Readers share their tips for keeping horses' water thawed during freezing temperatures. Read More

10 Equine Dentistry Resources on

February is the American Veterinary Medical Association's national pet dental health month. Read More

Biosecurity Tip of the Month: Horse-to-Horse Contact

Sick horses are everywhere. Here's how to keep your horse from picking up diseases via horse-to-horse contact. Read More

Infographic: How Ammonia Impacts Your Horse

Have you walked into a barn and smelled a pungent, burning odor? That's ammonia, and it's hurting your horse. Read More

Failure of Passive Transfer

Find out why foals require passive transfer of infection-fighting antibodies from their mothers' first milk. Read More

Readers Share Winter Horse Care Tips

Horse owners from across the country share their winter horse care tips. Read More

University of Illinois to Host Horseman's Clinic

Lecture topics will include exercise intolerance, wound care, hoof care, ophthalmology, and more. Read More Named Finalist in 2014 ESMAs

Vote for in categories 6 and 21! Voting closes at 4 p.m. (GMT) on Feb. 7, 2014. Read More

Maryland Farriery Seminar Scheduled for March 22

The University of Maryland will host an introduction to farriery seminar on March 22. Read More

Biosecurity Tip of the Month: Horses and Event Facilities

Learn how to evaluate risk and protect your horse from infectious disease at event facilities. Read More

NCSU to Host Veterinarian, Horse Owner Symposiums

NCSU will host seminars for horse owners, veterinary professionals, and students on Feb. 8-9. Read More

Purdue to Host 2014 Horseman's Forum on Feb. 8

The program includes lectures on feeding senior horses, saddle fitting, moon blindness, bandaging, and more. Read More