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Heaves Lecture Scheduled for Sept. 15

Dr. Emilie Setlakwe will present "A Cough, a Wheeze, Could it be Heaves?" at Tryon Equine Hospital. Read More

Infographic: Signs of Stress in Horses

Learn about the common signs your horse might show when under stress and ways to mitigate the possible causes. Read More

Input Sought on Horse Weaning Survey

Researchers in the United Kingdom are seeking input on a survey for a study on weaning methods. Read More

10 Insurance Resources on

Find out how insurance can help you deal with unexpected happenings at your farm, major horse health issues, and more. Read More

Infographic: Deworming Adult Horses

Are you still doing rotational deworming? Learn a new, better way to manage internal parasites in this visual guide! Read More

Texas Horse Owners: Take Steps to Protect Against EEE, WNV

As of July 30, three and five Texas horses have tested positive for WNV and EEE, respectively, so far this year. Read More

10 Resources on Creating a Horse Facility from

Building or renovating a horse farm requires substantial planning, finances, and hard work, but we're here to help. Read More

Input Sought on Veterinarian Selection Survey

Researchers are seeking horse owners' input on a factors that influence their selection of an equine veterinarian. Read More

Researchers Seek Input for Horse Transportation Study

The research team is collecting information on equine transport practices and transport-related illnesses. Read More

Riverside County, California, Equids Test Negative for EHV-1

Meanwhile, no additional equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) cases have been reported in San Joaquin County. Read More

Equine Influenza Reported in Oregon

Three horses that were at the Far West Championship Horse Show tested positive and more are showing clinical signs. Read More

The Horse and Earn AHP Media Awards

The Horse and collected four awards from the American Horse Publications. Read More

EHV-1 Reported in Two California Counties

Equids residing in Riverside and San Joaquin counties have tested positive for equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1). Read More

2015 USEF High-Performance Sports Medicine Meeting Tweets

Get take-home messages from the 2015 USEF High-Performance Sports Medicine Veterinary Meeting in Portland, Oregon. Read More

10 Gastric Ulcer Resources on

Here's a selection of content to help prepare you to manage these common but pesky problem spots. Read More

EHV-1 Reported in California, Virginia

The California horse is recovering, while the Virginia horse was euthanized. Read More

Vesicular Stomatitis Confirmed in Arizona, Utah Equids

Two Arizona horses and a Utah mule have tested positive for vesicular stomatitis. Read More

10 Equine Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Resources

Rehabilitating and reconditioning injured or out-of-shape horses can be daunting, but don't worry … we're here to help. Read More

Vaccination Checklist

Use this handy checklist and work with your veterinarian to determine which vaccinations are right for your horse. Read More

Canada Lifts VS-Related Equine Import Restrictions

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has lifted all vesicular stomatitis (VS) import restrictions for U.S. horses. Read More

Introduction to Farriery Course Scheduled for May 15

Lecture topics will include hoof anatomy and physiology, trimming the balanced foot, when shoes are necessary, and more. Read More

The Horse Media Group LLC to Publish The Horse,

The Horse Media Group LLC replaced Blood-Horse Publications as the publisher as of March 1. Read More

Tips for Healthful Horse Barns During Winter

Our readers and staff share tips for providing a healthy living environment for horses during cold weather. Read More

Neurologic EHV-1 Confirmed in Virginia Horse

A 14-year-old gelding from western Albemarle County has tested positive for neurologic equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1), Read More

10 Conditioning Resources on

Confused about conditioning? Here are 10 resources available to you for free on Read More