Katie Navarra

Katie Navarra has worked as a freelance writer since 2001. A lifelong horse lover, she owns and enjoys competing a dun Quarter Horse mare.

Articles by Katie Navarra

Mares With Corrected Mesenteric Rents Can Return to Breeding

Mares discharged from the clinic following surgery have an excellent prognosis for survival and producing foals. Read More

Repeat Colic Surgeries Don't Always Have a Poor Prognosis

Of 22 horses that underwent a second surgery, 19 survived and were discharged from the hospital, researchers found. Read More

Causes of Death in Ontario Racehorses Examined

Ontario's racing--and, thus, study--population includes Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, and Quarter Horses. Read More

Inclines, Declines, and Horse Energy Exertion

Horses' oxygen consumption and cardiac output decreased by an average of 24% and 9%, respectively, when going downhill. Read More

Factors Associated With Septic Pleuropneumonia Survival

A thoracotomy improved affected horses' survival rates while dehydration increased the odds of death. Read More

7 Conformation Flaws: Piecing Together What We Know

What impact do structural deviations really have on your horse's soundness and performance? Here's what you should know. Read More

How Newborn Foals' Dental Pulp Can Help Heal Horses

Dental pulp injections helped reduce pain and improve lameness in horses with soft tissue injuries and arthritis. Read More

Electronic Records Could Help Solve the Laminitis Mystery

One researcher believes records collected by vets seeing horses in the field could offer new insight into laminitis. Read More

Colic: To Refer or Not to Refer

Does your colicking horse need to go to a clinic? Here's how veterinarians determine the need for referral. Read More

Common Dewormers: Still Effective Against Small Strongyles?

Study results revealed that three commercially available dewormers showed poor efficacy on the majority of farms tested. Read More

Measuring Tendon Stiffness to Monitor Healing

Sonoelastography can help vets monitor healing and develop rehab programs best-suited for the horse's recovery rate. Read More

Study: Most Horses Go Back to Work After Colic Surgery

A long-term study showed that 92.5% of horses discharged had returned to work four to eight years after surgery. Read More

Manure Storage Methods for Fecal Egg Counts Tested

Researchers found that samples can be refrigerated for up to a week without adverse effects on egg counts. Read More

Researchers Look to the Numbers to Improve Equine Welfare

Scientists looked at four years of data to try to predict facilities' compliance with animal welfare legislation. Read More

The 'Creaky' Performance Horse

Seasoned sport horses often need a little extra TLC to continue performing well into middle age. Read More

Researchers Test Joint Supplement's Impact on Old Horses

A resveratrol and hyaluronic acid supplement could have anti-inflammatory effects in aged horses, researchers found. Read More

Foaling Tendencies and Dystocia Rates in New Zealand

Foal size (and, indirectly, sex) appear to contribute to dystocia, especially among mares in New Zealand. Read More

Researchers Review Types of Tumors Found in Donkeys

Donkeys are commonly diagnosed with sarcoids. Other common horse tumors, however, are not prevalent in donkeys. Read More

Researchers Test Strangles Treatment

How do cheesecake, gelatin, and penicillin relate to a treatment for strangles? Dr. Anna Kendall explains. Read More

Researchers Find Link Between Neurologic Disease, Eye Issue

A vitamin E deficiency can lead to neurologic problems as well as a retina disorder called pigment retinopathy. Read More

Study: Some Supplements Can Reduce Equine Joint Inflammation

Researchers believe the tested supplements could help reduce the joint inflammation that can lead to osteoarthritis. Read More

Study: Most Racehorse Injuries in Britain are Minor

Findings from a recent study show that 70% of injuries recorded over a 14-year period were minor and not career-ending. Read More

Does Short-Distance Hauling Harm Horses' Respiratory Tracts?

Based on study results, researchers believe short trips likely have limited implications for healthy horses. Read More

Study: New Zealand Racehorses More Likely to Finish Races

Researchers believe they're honing in on why these horses are more likely to finish races than those in other countries. Read More

Study: Most X Ray Abnormalities Don't Delay Racing Careers

Only enlarged proximal sesamoid bones were identified as being a risk for delaying a 2-year-old's first start. Read More