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Club Foot (Book Excerpt)

Acquired flexural deformity of the coffin joint is often referred to as "club foot." The foot's appearance can vary from dished with the heel raised to a boxy shape with the hoof wall nearly perpendicular to the ground. Read More

Barbaro Update

Barbaro was recovering well after his second cast change at the University of Pennyslvania's New Bolton Center. "Barbaro is back in his stall and is doing well," said Chief of Surgery Dean W. Richardson, who on July 3 replaced the cast he had put o Read More

Topics on Racing, Breeding, Sales, and Health Covered at Breeders Meeting

Note: The bi-annual International Breeders Meeting was held on May 30 in Tokyo and was hosted by the Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association. Delegates from 16 countries along with each country's associated veterinarians and observers met to Read More

Training Emphasizes Horse Handling Skills, Practical Equipment

Preparation for taking care of horses in emergencies and disasters starts with training emergency responders (firefighters, rescue squad members, veterinarians, police, humane, animal control and sheriff's officers, and search and rescue Read More

Surgery Scheduled Sunday Afternoon for Barbaro

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, who suffered multiple fractures soon after the start of the Preakness Stakes (gr. I), has been taken to the George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals at the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pa. He is Read More

The Gift of Sight

The lessons I learned from this experience are that if an eye infection does not resolve--or look much improved--in a week, then seek an ophthalmologist or at least ask your veterinarian to take samples of the infected area for further study. Read More

Recovering from Sesamoiditis

My sister's gelding has sesamoid problems on both forelimbs. Can the sesamoid bones be removed? Read More

Critical Care In the Field

How does your veterinarian keep up with what is best for your horses? By attending continuing education that covers areas of interest and provides him with lectures and one-on-one time with experts in various fields. Each year, Hagyard Equine Read More

Emergency Training Emphasizes Horse Handling Skills, Practical Equipment

"Keep your knee gently pressed into her neck, and if she decides to get up, go ahead and let her, don't fight it." An emergency instructor gave this advice to a firefighter learning to hold down a horse acting as an injured animal during a Read More

Helping Horses & Horse Owners Affected by Katrina and Rita

Help horse-owning Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims by contributing to groups earmarking funds. Read More

Helping Older Horses Get Up

I have an older horse that sometimes lies down and has trouble getting up. What rescue equipment can be used to help? Read More

Why Vets Get Kicked

A Swiss study of kick injuries to veterinarians found that the risk of injury to those treating horses is highest when performing painful procedures on the horse. In the study, Sabina Jaeggin, an assistant in the Vetsuisse Fakulty in Zurich, Read More

AAEP Convention 2005: Kester News Hour

What's new and hot in veterinary medicine? What if you could get two of the world's foremost equine veterinarians to dig through the mountain of research that is published each year and tell you what is really significant for your and your horse Read More

Inhalation Therapy for Equine Airway Disease

Editor's Note: N. Edward Robinson, BVetMed, PhD, is the Matilda Wilson professor in large animal clinical sciences at Michigan State University. He is one of the world's leading researchers in equine airway disease, and he has lectured on Read More

Growing Problems

Horse breeders have long known that problems can develop in the bones of young horses as they grow. The term developmental orthopedic disease (DOD) was coined in 1986 to encompass all orthopedic problems seen in the growing foal and has become Read More

Why Veterinarians Get Kicked

It comes as no surprise that a Swiss study of kick injuries to veterinarians found that the risk of injury to veterinarians treating horses is highest when performing painful procedures on the horse. In the study, Sabina Jaeggin, assistant at th Read More

A Decade Looking Inside

Starting in 1996, James N. Moore, DVM, PhD, a veterinary educator at the University of Georgia (UGA), began to work with Thel Melton, a computer graphics artist in the college, to develop a faster way for students to envision what is happening Read More

Solar Horse Barn

Solar electricity, produced by photovoltaics (PV), is a proven means of generating electricity from the sun, and it's not just for high-tech houses anymore. Whether you want to be more "green" in your electrical use on the farm, you have a remot Read More

Turfway Barn Quarantined Pending Test Results

A barn at Turfway Park in Northern Kentucky was placed under quarantine Dec. 21 after a horse showed signs of suspected equine herpesvirus, a contagious upper respiratory and neurological disease. Test results were expected Dec. 23, at which tim Read More

English Fireworks Season Deadly For Horses

Two horses ended up dead during an annual fireworks season in England. One died as a result of a barn fire; the other died when frightened by fireworks and becoming entangled in a chain.

Eight horses were rescued from a burning barn in Read More

Urinating Too Often?

My 3-year-old registered Paint gelding urinates up to three times in a three-to-four hour period. Read More

Enduring Chaos

More than 350 Louisiana horses and mules were rescued after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the Gulf Coast on August 29. Rescuers dealt daily with images of destruction--such as barns full of trapped horses that didn't survive the storm Read More

Suit Filed Over Death of Thoroughbred Racehorses

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the owners of millionaire sprinter Saratoga County, stakes winner Egg Head, and two other horses against a pharmacy that allegedly supplied a compounded drug treatment that led to the deaths of three of the Read More

Rabies Vaccination Revisited

Each year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases a comprehensive report detailing the number of reported rabies cases in the United States and Puerto Rico. The most up-to-date report, which details cases from the year 2003 Read More

Disaster Response: Top 10 Ways to Make a Real Impact

In the last decade, there have been outstanding improvements in planning for animals in disasters nationwide. We can learn many early lessons from the responses to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita that affected the Gulf Coast to allow us as veterinarians Read More