Bettina Cohen

Bettina Cohen is a past contributing writer to The Blood-Horse magazine.

Articles by Bettina Cohen

Housing the Horse

The health and safety of the horses that will live in a barn are of primary importance no matter the style. But barns come in many sizes, shapes, and styles to meet the needs of intended use, climate, site, and the owner's budget. Personal taste Read More

Pest Control for Horses

Stable hygiene is the first line of defense in keeping pests out of a barn. Another place to exercise good stable hygiene is in the feed room. The storage of feed can either deter or attract rodents and other critters that don't belong in Read More

Pasture Management and MRLS

In the spring of 2001, hundreds of mares in Central Kentucky lost their pregnancies in peculiar abortions attributed to mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS). Since then, horse farm managers have gone back to square one in reviewing their Read More

Health Officials Tracking West Nile Virus

Health officials charting the spread of West Nile virus across the United States project that "Texas and at least up to the Rocky Mountains will be affected" by the virus in 2002, said Dr. Kristen Bernard, assistant director of the Arbovirus Read More