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Articles by Blood-Horse Staff

Breeders' Cup Sprint Contender Fatally Injured in Workout

Points Offthebench, a 4-year-old gelding, suffered condylar fracture in his right front fetlock. Read More

Thoroughbred Aftercare Groups Plan Breeders' Cup Promos

Two aftercare organizations will be providing wristbands that show their support for retired Thoroughbreds. Read More

RMTC Identified Substances Taken from Trainer's Barn

The RMTC Tactical Research Program and HFL Sport Science identified dichloracetic acid and tadalafil. Read More

Suffolk Downs Earns NTRA Re-accreditation

Officials say Suffolk Downs has made several significant improvements from its initial inspection in 2011. Read More

Symposium Showcases Ex-Racehorse Talent

Trainers showed off new skills developed by former racehorses in 15-minute presentations. Read More

Horse Racing Authorities Endorse Steroid Ban

The IFHA has taken the stand that anabolic steroids should be not be permitted in or out of competition. Read More

Racehorse Second-Career Symposium Takes Place Oct. 5-6

The first national symposium dedicated to second careers for former racehorses will take place this weekend. Read More

Kentucky Downs Re-accredited by Safety Alliance

Some of the best practices identified included pre-race veterinary exams and regulatory veterinary practices. Read More

TOBA to Hold Pedigree and Conformation Clinic

The clinic will feature a presentations focusing on conformation from a veterinary perspective. Read More

TIP Application Deadline is Sept. 30

TIP sponsorships are available for myriad disciplines and are open to shows in the United States and Canada. Read More

Virginia Racing Commission Adopts Model Drug Rules

The rules set uniform thresholds for 24 controlled therapeutic medications. Read More

No Pattern Seen in Ellis Park Racehorse Fatalities

Officials say there's no explanation for the spike in fatalities during the recently concluded race meet. Read More

Initial Test Negative in Possible EHV-1 Case

A preliminary EHV-1 test on a horse euthanized at Bowie Training Center came back negative. Read More

RMTC Recommends Stanozolol Prohibition

The recommendation would mean the anabolic steroids would not be permitted in a horse's system on race day. Read More

Enhanced Security for Jockey Club Gold Cup

Horses competing in the race will be subject to early out-of-competition blood testing for banned substances. Read More

Maryland Adopts Uniform Racehorse Medication Policy

Officials adopted uniform medication and drug-testing rules as part of a push in the Mid-Atlantic region. Read More

Australian Racing Board Announces Ban on Anabolic Steroids

Officials announced the total ban on anabolic steroid use, both in and out of competition, on Sept 16. Read More

The Jockey Club Announces 2013 TIP Winners

The Jockey Club TIP has announced the recipients of its two non-competition awards for 2013. Read More

Two Upcoming Horses and Hope Events Planned

"Horses and Hope" works to promote awareness of and raise funds for detection and treatment of breast cancer. Read More

Thoroughbred Showcase Features Retired Racers

Washington's Thoroughbred Showcase, featuring 30+ former racehorses, will be held Aug. 31 at Emerald Downs. Read More

New Bolton Center Offers Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture services are now available at University of Pennsylvania's College of Veterinary Medicine. Read More

Hagyard Renews Safety Alliance Partnership

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has renewed its partnership with the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance. Read More

Model Rule for Racing Medication Penalties Endorsed

ROAP board of directors has endorsed the Penalty Guidelines for Multiple Medication Violations. Read More

More Security in Place for Travers Stakes Starters

Among the measures is early out-of-competition blood testing for banned substances. Read More

California Eases Coggins Test Requirement

The requirement for a negative Coggins test for horses entering the state changed from six months to one year. Read More