Jennifer O. Bryant

Jennifer O. Bryant is editor-at-large of the U.S. Dressage Federation's magazine, USDF Connection. An independent writer and editor, Bryant contributes to many equestrian publications, has edited numerous books, and authored Olympic Equestrian. More information about Jennifer can be found on her site,

Articles by Jennifer O. Bryant

Safe Longeing for Horse Health

This common exercise modality can be surprisingly risky; learn how to keep your horse--and yourself--safe. Read More

House Arrest: Your Horse on Stall Rest

Stall rest can be anything but restful for horse and owner alike. Here's how to achieve the best possible outcome. Read More

Hoof-Care Triage

Punctures, abscesses, and worse: What to do when your horse's hoof is hurting and who to call for help. Read More

Advances in Managing Chronic Foot Pain

Improved diagnostics and more promising treatments are putting many foot-sore horses back to work. Read More

Heart of the Matter

Take a look at the remarkable equine heart and what can go wrong with it. Read More

Does Your Horse Need a Dentist?

Find out why you should make regular dental checkups part of your horse's scheduled maintenance. Read More

The Perfect Fit

Finding the right saddle for your horse is a mix of high-tech and hands-on approaches. Read More

Will My Horse Survive Colic Surgery?

There are no easy answers when it comes to colic surgery, just as there are no easy decisions. Read More

The Meds Maze

Get helpful information for navigating the crowded field of performance-horse medications. Read More

Six Veterinarian-Approved Saddle-Fit Tips

On a quest for the perfect saddle and the best fit? Here are a few words of advice from veterinarians. Read More

Advances in Equine Ophthalmology

Treatment and research breakthroughs help to wage the war against equine vision problems. Read More

Behind the Scenes at the New Bolton Center

Go behind the scenes at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's New Bolton Center. Read More

Special-Needs Athletes? Not These Horses, Vets Say

Paralympic dressage horses often necessitate the same medical care as dressage horses for able-bodied riders. Read More

Dressage Horse, Blind in One Eye, Makes Olympic Debut

After losing an eye in a stable accident, the Swedish dressage horse Santana made an Olympic-sized recovery. Read More

The System Is Working: Healthy Horses after Olympic Eventing

Smart decisions at the 2012 Olympic eventing competition kept incidents, injuries minor. Read More

London Olympics 2012: In the Shadow of Kings

The equestrian portion of the London Olympic Games will play out against a backdrop of history and royalty. Read More

Equine Insurance: Risk Management

Do you need equine insurance and, if so, what type? An experienced owner breaks down the countless options. Read More

Behind the Scenes: Great Britain's Royal Mews

Horses and carriages play a role in nearly every important British royal ceremony--so much so that the royal stables and carriage houses, called the Royal Mews, are situated beside Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of the monarch. Read More

War Horse Captures Equine Behavior with Puppets

Most horse lovers have read Black Beauty, the famous novel Anna Sewell wrote to raise awareness of the mistreatment of carriage and other working horses in Victorian England. Another English writer, Michael Morpurgo, accomplished a similar feat with Read More

Keeping the WEG Healthy

In all horse sports equine welfare is paramount. But the major international championships present the most horse-health challenges and also attract the most scrutiny. No other equestrian competition involves the transport of more horses, from all Read More

WEG: A Few Health Incidents at the Start

Full recoveries expected, says a World Equestrian Games veterinarian. A. Kent Allen, DVM, the chief veterinary-services coordinator for WEG, gave away one of the horse-health-related Read More

World Equestrian Games Overview

For the first time in history, the United States is hosting the 16-day World Equestrian Games starting Sept. 25, including championships for the disciplines of eventing, jumping, dressage, para dressage, driving, endurance, reining, and vaulting. Read More

UPenn's New Bolton Center Opens Equine Critical-Care Facility

Top-notch care, increased capacity for colic cases, and state-of-the-art biosecurity to control the spread of infectious disease were the driving forces behind the construction of the 18,540-square-foot James M. Moran Jr. Critical Care Center a Read More

Researching Horse Boots

Research shows horse boots might not offer legs the protection we expect. Read More