Kimberly S. Brown

Kimberly S. Brown was the Publisher/Editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care from June 2008 to March 2010, and she served in various positions at Blood-Horse Publications since 1980.

Articles by Kimberly S. Brown

A Sad Day Or A New Beginning?

For those of you who have been readers of this publication for the last few years, you know I am an advocate of horse owners giving money in support of equine research. Without money to pay for personnel, animals, equipment, and all Read More

Protection and Perception: The AAEP On-Call Program

Of the 84 horses pre-entered in the 14th Breeders' Cup Day of championship racing for Thoroughbreds, 10 did not answer the call to the post the next Saturday. Two horses had a "system" disease that took them out of training. One horse ( Read More

Transport to Slaughter: Searching for a Good Ride

In the past, much of the transportation of horses dealt with smaller trailers and how travel affected athletic performance or breeding. This is the first research dedicated to the quest for answers in how best to transport horses to slaughter. Read More

If A Horse Dies on the Highway, Does Anyone Hear?

Fall is upon us, and soon it will be winter. Fall marks a dying time, when trees lose their leaves...and horses lose their lives. It's tough for some people to feed their horses through another winter. Some older animals Read More

AHC Convention 1997

Welfare. Regulation. Legislation. Disease prevention. These are the issues facing horse owners at all levels, and these are the issues that the American Horse Council tackled at its annual convention. These items not only affect horse owners on Read More

Working For Welfare

Animal welfare and animal rights are not the same; neither are the people who support each cause. Animal welfare means horse people making sure horses are kept and utilized in a humane and safe manner, with consideration given to the animals' Read More

PMU Ranching: Use or Abuse?

Horse industry representatives have been worried over the years not because of the existence of PMU ranches or treatment of mares, but mainly because the number of foals produced has such an impact on the general horse economy. Read More

PMU Ranches and Stewardship

For those of you who would like me to condemn the practice of pregnant mare urine ranches, you're going to be disappointed. For those of you who want me to say it's a swell life for a horse, well, that isn't going to happen, either. Read More

Reach Out

By the time you receive this magazine, October will be drawing to a close. For many people, thoughts will be turning to slowing down for at least a couple of months. Trophies and ribbons will be hung with pride or tucked away with others. The Read More

Do You Care About Horses?

 If someone asked readers of this publication if they cared about horses, the reactions could range from a mildly baffled "Of course," to an offended "Of course!" Same words, close to the same meaning, but a much different Read More

American Horse Council: Watchdog In Washington

There are an estimated six million equines in the United States. In some states, the horse industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, contributing substantially to the state and local tax base, as well as providing employment, entertainment, Read More

Derby Precautions

That there were no accidents in the Kentucky Derby was no accident. Everything that could be done to ensure the safety of the horses was done, including an impartial physical inspection of every entrant the morning of the race. Of course in Read More

Biologic Solutions

(Author's note: Sera, Inc., who markets oral and IV equine IgG products approved by the USDA, sponsored a roundtable discussion on Biological Solutions for Biological Problems in Lexington, Ky. Participating in the roundtable were: Michelle Read More