Bug Off: Controlling Flies in Horse Barn

Bug Off: Controlling Flies in Horse Barn

Take steps to reduce fly populations such as keeping stalls clean and feedstuffs secured.

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We all love spending time in the barn with our horses; but sometimes, the bugs can, well, bug us. While flies might be a fact of life, we can limit population their numbers, allowing us to enjoy the time that we spend in the barn even more. Check out our quick tips for telling the bugs to “bug off” this summer:

Keep It Clean—While it might seem like a no brainer, keeping your stalls clean and dry will make it considerably less enticing to the flies. Manure is a tasty snack, and warm moist environments make the perfect place to lay eggs. Consistent stall cleaning will significantly cut down on the number of flies in the barn. (Pro tip: Clean the sunny stalls first! Flies like light areas and tend to avoid the dark stalls.)

Keep It Fresh—Consider using a horse stall refresher in your stalls. In helping to manage the moisture content, it’s drying effect and sharp surface area dries and kills many insects.

Keep It Covered—From garbage to grain, flies are always on the lookout for their next meal. Keep potential foodstuffs covered and sealed to keep them out (it’s also far more sanitary to keep all critters away from the grain!).

Keep It Moving—Consider using fans to keep air circulating throughout the barn. This will deter flies from landing, encouraging them to find a new place to hang out. And, let’s face it; a little breeze on a warm day is always welcome.

Keep It Dry—Standing water attracts flies, so keep it out and away from the barn. Make sure that all drains are working properly and directing water away from the barn. If water is spilled, use shavings or horse stall refresher to absorb the extra moisture before it can draw in the extra insects.

Unfortunately flies are a fact of life around the barn, however you can limit their numbers. Follow these tips and send the bugs flying!

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