The Horse, BI Partner for PPID Awareness in May

Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID, previously called equine Cushing’s disease) is a serious ailment that affects a significant segment of the equine population. In fact, researchers believe it’s the most prevalent of all equine endocrine disorders. With that in mind, The Horse has named May PPID Awareness Month. We’ve partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica to offer horse owners up-to-date research and information about the disease.

A shaggy, abnormally shedding coat is the bellwether of PPID, but the disease also can cause fatigue, poor performance, and laminitis, and occurs in horses as young as 7 years old. Managing horses with PPID requires a comprehensive approach that includes veterinary medical care, nutrition, exercise, and hoof care. Veterinarians and scientists are continually studying the disease and finding new ways to identify horses with PPID early and keep them comfortable throughout their lives.

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