Poll Recap: Business or Hobby?

Of the 552 respondents, 418 (76%) said they were involved with horses primarily as a hobby.

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There are many opportunities to get involved in the horse industry, whether your primary role is a horse owner, volunteer, or equine businessperson.

In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers if they were involved with horses in the capacity of a business or a hobby. More than 550 people responded and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 552 respondents, 418 (76%) said they were involved with horses primarily as a hobby. The remaining 134 respondents (24%) said they were involved with horses through business.

Additionally, more than 100 people commented about their involvement with horses:

Several people commented about their horse hobby-related activities:

  • “I trail ride.”
  • “We used to have a breeding and training operation, but now it's primarily hobby.”
  • “An expensive, time consuming hobby of 5 horses-wouldn't have it any other way!”
  • “I have my horse at home now and ride for pleasure. I no longer show.”
  • “Hobby. In a business, there are too many personalities to deal with-not for me.”
  • “Time spent out on the trail, in the barn and in the pasture with my two TWH is major stress relief!”
  • “Trail riding, get the feeling of complete happiness.”
  • “My two are my full time hobby and expensive ones at that!”
  • “Always a hobby...my money pit, but worth it all!”
  • “I ride for pleasure, trail riding and camping with my horse.”
  • “Hobby, but starting to give riding lessons for a fee.”
  • “I am retired and enjoying my horses.”
  • “We raise and show working American Quarter Horses.”
  • “I have horses to ride and compete on, but I do not earn any income with them.”

Others indicated that they were involved wit horses through business:

  • “Veterinarian”
  • “Barn/Broodmare manager of nearly 20 yrs. I find it more fulfilling to work with horses than own one.”
  • “Boarding Facility”
  • “Running a boarding stable with 7 horses.”
  • “Equine chiropractor”
  • “Equine Biosecurity and First Aid Instruction”
  • “I'm a groom for dressage barn and also a critter sitter.”
  • “Supplement business CEO”
  • “Thoroughbred racehorse trainer”
  • “We own a boarding stable and offer training and lesson. I am also in vet school studying equine med!”
  • “PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor”
  • “I am an authorized DAC Vitamin and Mineral Supplement dealer in Southern California.”
  • “I own a boarding and training facility in Kansas!”
  • “Farrier”
  • “Stable manager with hopes to become a trainer/instructor”
  • “Equine photography and horse care services”
  • “Full time nutritionist, veterinarian, muscle worker and acupuncturist.”
  • “Equine business marketing”
  • “I work as a groom on a competition yard on a stud”
  • “EAL-EAP facilitator and natural horsemanship instructor”
  • “Equine Sports Massage Therapy”

Some said they were involved with horses both as a business and a hobby:

  • “Both, my business is an equine reference lab. I also own several horses that I trail ride.”
  • “Business in season. I ride for pleasure both in and off season.”
  • “There should be a choice for both. I train and give riding instruction, but also keep my own horses.”
  • “Both. I own horses and riding is my hobby but I'm also a barefoot trimmer and vet tech.”
  • “Both! I'm a farrier plus I ride for pleasure.”
  • “Both, really. Pleasure ride and Sheriff Posse”
  • “Ponies are my hobby, fixing and making horse related equipment is my business.”

A few respondents commented that they volunteer with horse organizations:

  • “No business, but volunteer for Ohio Horseman's Council.”
  • “Volunteer, therapeutic riding program.”
  • “I work as a volunteer at a 501c3 NPO in horse rescue and I have four horses of my own as a hobby.”

And others left general comments:

  • “I just love having my 2 Arabians to hang out with, brush, ride and listen to them munching on hay.”
  • “It's more of a lifestyle, really.”
  • “My horse is not just a hobby--he is my post-retirement reason for getting up everyday!”
  • “They are the air I breathe. Is breathing considered a business or a hobby?”
  • “It's a life, more than a business.”
  • “I would have loved for it to be a business, but wasn't in the cards.”

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