's Top Infographics of 2016

Sun damage is a serious problem for some horses. Learn more about it in our most popular infographic of 2016.

Photo: Claudia Summers

The end of a year is a time to look back at all that's happened over the past 12 months. And once again, infographics—visual guides to a variety of horse health topics—proved popular with readers in 2016. Here are the 10 most viewed infographics of the past year.

Sunburn and Horses
Sun damage is a serious problem for some horses. It causes severe, painful blistering around sensitive areas, such as the eyes, muzzle, and flanks. Learn strategies for protecting your pink-skinned horse from the sun’s damaging rays in this in-depth infographic.

Staying Sane on Stall Rest
Long-term confinement is difficult for horses but often necessary for healing from certain injuries and illnesses, such as tendon and ligament strains, bone fractures, and laminitis, to name just a few. Learn how to keep horses happy and healthy while on stall rest in our step-by-step visual guide.

Signs of Stress in Horses
Learn about the common signs your horse might show when under stress and ways to mitigate the possible causes using our visual guide.

Rain Rot
Rain rot is a bacterial skin disease that causes hair loss and leaves horses with large patches of raw, irritated skin. It’s also highly contagious and can spread from horse to horse via direct contact, grooming tools, and tack. Find out how to manage rain rot in our step-by-step visual guide.

Scratches in Horses
Discover the possible causes of scratches and how you can prevent and treat this frustrating dermatitis often found on a horse's pastern in our step-by-step visual guide.

Basic Principles of Conditioning
Learn how to safely take your horse from flabby to fit step-by-step with our visual guide.

Deworming Adult Horses
Are you still doing rotational deworming for your horses? Learn a new, healthier way to manage internal parasites in this visual guide!

Does My Horse Have Gastric Ulcers?
Up to 90% of horses suffer gastric ulcers. Is your horse one? Discover common clinical signs, treatments, and management strategies for horses with gastric ulcers in our step-by-step guide.

Feeding Your Horse
Are you confused about equine nutrition or wanting to make sure your horse's diet is complete? Learn how to feed your horse in our step-by-step visual guide. 

Sweet Itch in Horses
Do you have an itchy horse bugged by Cullicoides? Learn more about insect bite hypersensitivity with our step-by-step visual guide!

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