Poll Recap: Managing Working Horses

Poll Recap: Managing Working Horses

Of the 258 respondents, 49 (19%) said they manage or care for horses in a lesson program, dude string, or riding program.

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Horses in riding programs, dude strings, and lesson programs might have different workloads and expectations, but all have one thing in common: They all have specific health care and management needs. 

Last week, we asked our readers if they managed or cared for horses in a lesson program, dude string, or riding program. More than 250 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 258 respondents, only 49 individuals (19%) said they manage or care for horses in a lesson program, dude string, or riding program. The remaining 209 respondents (81%) did not.

Additionally, several people commented about their experiences working with horses in lesson programs, dude strings, or riding programs:

  • “I run a lesson program. My advice is to keep all horses up-to-date on everything so they are happy and healthy!”
  • “Not currently, but the one job I truly regret turning down was lead wrangler at Grand Teton National Park.”
  • “I have in the past. Lots of work, but great to see healthy horses teaching kids how to ride.”
  • “I have and do, and what mine need the most is some one-on-one loving attention and a day off!”
  • “I manage a police mounted riding unit.”
  • “I manage a therapeutic riding program”
  • “Not at this time. I managed a riding school and an equestrian center in the past.”
  • “Not anymore but I used too.”
  • “They are worth their weight in gold and have the best life, loved by all.”

You can find more information about feeding horses in lesson programs, therapeutic riding horse health, therapeutic riding horses' stress behaviors, and more at TheHorse.com! 

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