Poll Recap: Horse Camping Options

Poll Recap: Horse Camping Options

There's not just one way to go camping with horses. Riders have a variety of methods to choose from, ranging from pitching a tent to staying in trailers with living quarters.

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If you were to load up your horse and go camping this weekend, what equipment would you prefer to have? Are you the type of person who likes to sleep in a tent under the stars, or would you rather spend your evening in a camper or horse trailer with living quarters?

We posed this question to our readers in last week’s online poll. More than 650 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 669 respondents, 415 (62%) said they would choose a living-quarters horse trailer for camping, while 122 (18%) said they would prefer a camper with a horse trailer. Another 81 individuals (12%) indicated they would choose a horse trailer and a tent, and the remaining 51 readers (8%) had other preferences.

Additionally, more than 60 people commented on their horse camping preferences:

Several people commented that they would prefer to have a horse trailer with living quarters:

  • “My trailer has small living quarters, but it's perfect for all my needs.”
  • “A barn for my horse and living quarters with shower for me.”
  • “If wishes were horses, and dreams were a trailer—living quarters hands down!”
  • “We have a living-quarters trailer to stay in at shows and when camping.”
  • “We started off in a tent. Over the years we've moved up to full living-quarters and love it!”
  • “I'd take a horse truck with living quarters.”
  • “I have a horse trailer with modified living quarters: It has a fridge, AC, cabinets, and a bed, and it works great!”
  • “We have a three-horse slant and we just updated the living quarters. I love it!”
  • “I'd love to have a gooseneck living-quarters trailer with room for a cart to drive on the trails.”
  • “I have a gooseneck horse trailer with some perks: a mattress, electric hook-up, water storage tank, and fans. Not a full on living quarters.”

Some said they would prefer to camp with a horse trailer and tent (or less!):

  • “Picket line and bedroll. Rough'n it is the best way to go.”
  • “A horse trailer, a tent, and a corral.”
  • “A horse trailer and tent is all I can afford.”
  • “I like tent camping with or without horses in dry weather.”
  • “A tent for me and a picket line for my mares. We just pack in.”
  • “Until I can afford living-quarters trailer I use a tent.”
  • “A horse trailer and a sleeping bag.”

A few people said they would prefer to camp with a horse trailer and camper:

  • “My truck with a camper shell and horse trailer.”
  • “A horse trailer with front converted for 'camping.’”
  • “I have a Lance truck camper and horse trailer.”

Others shared their preferences for camping with horses that weren’t listed in the poll:

  • “A cabin with a small paddock with run-in.”
  • “A horse trailer and a truck bed with a cap for sleeping.”
  • “A hotel nearby.”
  • “I just sleep in the horse trailer on clean straw.”
  • “A B&B for rider and a quality stall, run-in, and turnout for horse.”
  • “Cabins and stalls.”
  • “A five-star hotel, a room with a view, and equally fine stables.”
  • “I’m too old to camp. I'd get a nice inn with a clean barn, groom, wine, and quality food.”
  • “Royal suite in a five star hotel!”
  • “Cabin with corral or stall!”
  • “A five-star hotel with a stable (and groom).”
  • “I'd choose a B&B with stabling. I'm too old for this camping stuff!”
  • “Four-star hotel with horse facility.”
  • “Beautiful farm with stall for horse, and five-star hotel for me.”

A few respondents said they weren’t interested in camping with horses:

  • “I can't imagine my drama-king horse would enjoy camping, so I'm happy not to go!”
  • “I don't do camping. I just stay home with horses.”
  • “I have no interest in camping with horses.”
  • “I have no desire to camp with my horse!”

And others left general comments:

  • “I want to be as comfortable as possible since I don't really like camping to start with.”
  • “At 63, sleeping on the ground in a tent? Um, no.”
  • “If you're not in a tent you aren't camping, just visiting new places in a mobile apartment.”
  • “I would like to store stock panels on the side of my living quarters. It would be sheltered by the living quarter awning.”
  • “I'm old-fashioned so ‘camping’ is sleeping under the stars without bringing all the household junk!”
  • “When I go camping with a horse it's generally to a place where vehicles can't go.”
  • “Just having a big enough dressing room in trailer to sleep in.”
  • “My horse trailer converts to sleeping quarters and has a shower, hose, change room.”

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