Horses Removed From Pennsylvania Veterinarian's Property

A Pennsylvania veterinarian and his wife are facing multiple charges for allegedly maltreating horses and other animals on their property.

DeEtte Hillman, equine program director at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR), in Woodbine, Maryland, said the Pennsylvania State Police responded to a complaint of dead horses on a property in Carbon County Pennsylvania, on Jan. 22. The same day state police executed a warrant to search the property of Clyde "Renny" Shoop, DVM, operator of Poco West Veterinary Clinic in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, and his wife Kimberly Shoop. Acting on an invitation from the Pennsylvania State Police, DEFHR personnel assisted with the inspection and evidence-gathering, Hillman said.

The inspection revealed that 16 allegedly maltreated horses were residing on the property along with some 20 sheep, 10 dogs, a calf, a pig, a raccoon, a wild turkey, two alligators, a boa constrictor, and several birds, Hillman said. The horses were roaming the property without access to food or water. Nine of the horses were determined to be in critical condition and in need of veterinary care, she said.

On Jan. 22, five of the most critically ill horses, along with other livestock, were seized from the property. On Jan. 26 another seven horses and 20 sheep were removed from the property; four more horses were removed on Feb. 1.

Hillman said nine of the horses were transported to Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, while. another five were transported to Quakertown Veterinary Hospital.

“Three of those were transported to DEFHR,” Hillman said. “Those horses had body condition scores of 1 and 2 on the (9-point) Henneke scale.”

One of the three was euthanized due to his condition, while the other two remain in critical condition.

“We're calling their prognosis guarded because they are under 24-hour critical care,” Hillman said. “But when horses have that spark in their eyes, you don't give up.”

On Feb. 3, Clyde and Kimberly Shoop were each charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty.

An unidentified woman answered a call to the telephone number associated with the Poco West Veterinary Clinic, indicating that it was “no longer his (Clyde Shoop's) residence.”

The case remains pending.

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