<em>The Horse</em>'s Top Special Features of 2015

Last year The Horse rolled out several new special interactive features on a variety of horse (and donkey) health and welfare topics. Have you discovered them yet? Here’s a rundown of the most viewed special features in 2015.

A Tale of Two Donkeys
One supports an impoverished family and fends for himself; the other lives large, with an overabundance of feed and forage. Both face potentially life-threatening welfare issues.

Leptospirosis: Protect Your Horse (And Yourself!)
Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can result in abortion, chronic uveitis, and kidney and/or liver failure in horses and can also infect you, your pets, and other livestock. Now, there's a vaccine to protect horses.

West Nile Virus in U.S. Horses
West Nile virus has infected more than 25,000 horses since its 1999 entrance into the United States. Learn about the disease, its entrance into North American, and how to protect your horses.

Equine Influenza: Know The Threat
Your horse is in the best condition of his life when, suddenly, the flu strikes and all your show season plans change. Learn how to protect your horse from influenza, a highly contagious respiratory disease.

Natural Disaster: Are You and Your Horse Ready?
Are you and your horse ready for emergency evacuation? Get tools and information you need to keep your horse safe and healthy.

Beasts of Burden: Africa's Working Horses and Donkeys
Veterinarians and researchers take a close look at cases very different than those they see in developed countries, with the goal of collaborating to help this important segment of the equine world.

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